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Increase your Microsoft Teams platform performance with additional communication features from The Wildix PBX.


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  • Type of Integration: Wildix Certified
  • Type of Connection: Add-On
  • Wildix Product Concerned: Collaborative Platform
  • Extra charges: 5$/€/£ per PBX per Month
  • Requirement :  CLASSOUND is required.

Microsoft Teams

Wildix has developed a plugin allowing you to connect a Wildix PBX and Microsoft Teams platform. As a result, MS Teams users can benefit from all the advanced telephony features offered by Wildix for calls from/ to the MS Teams platform: such as queue calls, Voicemails, call transfers, call waiting, call on hold, call forwarding, IVRs, Day/ Night service, etc.

It takes a few minutes to set up and start using this integration. SBC is provided by Wildix. CLASSOUND—the WIldix embedded trunk is used for call routing. Thanks to this integration, you can place and receive external calls from MS Teams. Dialplans (call routing strategies) are set up on the Wildix system

About Microsoft

Wildix is the first Cloud Browser-Based Unified Communications and VoIP PBX that’s fully integrated with the Microsoft Teams platform, letting companies connect their phone systems with Microsoft Professional Suite.


  • Wildix system running WMS 5.02 or higher

CLASSOUND is required.

Wildix License

Any license (Essential/ Business/ Premium)
is valid.

  • External outbound and inbound calls from MS Teams dialpad through the Wildix communication system: make and receive calls to/ from any user via the Wildix’s embedded trunk CLASSOUND.
  • Control devices assigned to user from MS Teams: place and receive calls from desk phones (WP series, WorkForce, WelcomeConsole, Vision, SuperVision).
  • Integration of W-AIR DECT Networks; integration of Media Gateways into MS Teams deployments
  • Integrated Fax and SMS server: send faxes and SMS messages directly from MS Teams.
  • Advanced telephony Wildix features and fully customisable dialplans: decide how to route calls, queue calls to groups of agents in the defined priority, callback feature, Voicemail and IVR integration, Day/ Night service, Switches and Timetables support, Music on hold, Pickup a call, Call transfer, Call forwarding, and much more.
  • BLF keys tab – possibility to control the status of features (Switches/ Timetables, etc).
  • Possibility to set up call forwarding rules for each user: call transfer when busy, unavailable or forced call transfer, call transfer timeout, mobility extension management.
  • Telephony integration with CRMs.


  • No Wildix WebRTC phone support (only MS Teams Dialpad)
  • No sync between MS Teams and Wildix user status and call history
  • No support for Wildix phonebooks
  • No Office 365 SSO in MT Native App (coming in the next releases)
Licensing and requirements
  • Wildix system running WMS 5.02 or higher
  • Activated CLASSOUND service
  • Monthly subscription fee
  • Microsoft Phone System licence add-ons (or E5 licences) for the end-users of the service
  • Office 365 user licenses (Business Basic/Premium or E1/E3/E5) for the initial setup.

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CLASSOUND is the only solution that allows users to enjoy First Class Audio Quality all over the world, safely in the Cloud. It provides the First Class Sound businesses deserve, wherever employees work.

CLASSOUND is a built-in VoIP trunk, available out of the box through the Wildix system. It is especially useful for international companies with offices in different countries because it gives them an opportunity to connect all of their offices using the same operator, and for companies who have customers and partners all over the world who simply need to place and receive international calls

Microsoft Teams and Wildix Integration Supported Features

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Wildix and Microsoft Teams Integration