Are you a Microsoft Teams user looking for integrations with your communication system?

Wildix is the first Cloud Browser-Based Unified Communications and VoIP PBX that’s fully integrated with the Microsoft Teams platform, letting companies connect their phone systems with Microsoft Professional Suite.

Microsoft Teams and Wildix integration

Wildix has developed an FREE add-on that permits Wildix Cloud PBX and Microsoft Teams platform to improve companies’ communication systems all over the globe.

This add-on has been developed because Microsoft Teams and Wildix communication solutions don’t provide the same features. Starting from now Microsoft Teams users can enjoy Wildix basic phone features into Teams interface..

The Wildix integration allows customers to embed some call features directly into Microsoft Teams interface.

It doesn’t require a complex Microsoft Architecture and can be set up in minutes.
The integration supports the following features:

Click to Call out of Microsoft Teams contact list through Wildix

Call History

Call Hang Up

Dial Pad


Demo Video of the Integration

Requirements, Download link and Technical documentation accessible here :


Our expert partner, Taurus combined with Call2Teams solution are proposing an advanced integration that cover several features like : Call Transfer, Call reporting and others.

Discover the webinar presented by Ben Pinder member of Taurus Clearer Communication and Mark Herbert CEO of Call2Teams on Microsoft Teams & Wildix integration topic here.

Contact them directly here

Our Swiss expert partner fourNET together with VOIPCloud are proposing an advanced integration that enable advanced calling feature in Teams without needing any hardware or software.

Contact them directly here

Why a VoiP PBX is still essential for your company ?

You are a Microsoft Teams user that want to understand why a VoiP PBX is still essential for your company. Check out what Wildix communication solutions can provide that Microsoft Teams can’t.

Here, you can find two benchmarks that will help you understand :

Features Wildix UC Solution Microsoft Teams UC Solution
Portfolio of supported hardware Included Not Included
Chat Included Included
Group Chat Included Included
Videoconference Included Included
Share document Supported Supported
Modify document Not Supported Supported
Screen sharing and remote control Supported with Internal and External users Supported with Internal users
Kite (WebRTC Technology) Included Not Included
Task Management Tool Not Included Included
Agenda/Meeting Management  Not Included Included
Mobile App Included Included
Phone presence status synchronisation Included Not Included
Features Wildix PBX Microsoft Teams Calling Plan
IVRs Multiple Configurations Single Configurations
Call Queueing Complex Configurations Basic Configurations
Time of Day Routing for User and Group Services Unlimited Limited to 10
Customizable Music on Hold Supported Not Supported
Call Reporting Supported (CDR View) Not Supported
Call Recording Supported Not Supported
Call Management (hold, transfer, forwarding) Supported Not Supported
Voicemail Transcription over Email Supported Not Supported
Flexible outbound caller ID controls. Unique CLI presentation per user/per company Supported Not Supported
Paging / Tannoy Capability Supported Not Supported
Compatibility with SIP Door System Supported Not Supported
Compatibility with Healthcare System Supported Not Supported
Unlimited Group Voicemail Boxes Supported Not Supported
Outbound Calling Permissions Supported Not Supported
Custom Welcome Greeting Supported Not Supported
Night Mode Supported Not Supported
Country Dynamic Emergency Call Supported Not Supported
Call Continuity (switch the call from one device to another device without interruption) Supported Not Supported
Integration with third parties CRM Supported Not Supported

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