WP600A and WP600AXX changelog

WP600A / WP600ACG Changelog: read about new features and fixes of Wildix Phone application for WP600AXX

Note: to update WP600AXX, follow the procedure https://confluence.wildix.com/x/zQGbBQ.

Android Firmware Version Date: 03.07.2020

  • Added compatibility with Let’s Encrypt ISRG Root certificate

Phone App Version 2.8.97 Date: 10.09.2019

  • Added compatibility with new version of Presence server

Phone App Version 2.8.96 Date: 04.02.2019

  • Minor fixes

Phone App Version 2.8.95 Date: 30.10.2018

  • Fixed an issue in which requests from the application in some cases created too many sessions files overflowing sessions storage on the PBX

Phone App Version 2.8.94 Date: 16.10.2018

  • Fixed an issue with Colleague BLF not being changed in case user name changed (after this fix, to apply the change it’s sufficient to re-save BLF or reload the app)

Phone App Version 2.8.93 Date: 06.06.2018

  • Decreased load on webserver of PBX during reconnection
  • Moved repository from https://www.wildix.com to https://firmwares.wildix.com/

Phone App Version 2.8.89 Date: 16.05.2018

  • Fixed a rare issue in which the application was trying to connect and was getting disconnected from the presence server in loop after receiving an invitation to Wizyconf

Phone App Version 2.8.88 Date: 09.05.2018

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect time being displayed after setting “until” date/ time for away/ DND status
  • Fixed an issue with impossibility to playback Voicemail messages in some rare cases

Phone App Version 2.8.86 Date: 22.02.2018

  • Fixed a regression that appeared in v. 2.8.74, in which TLS was not enabled by default even if PBX had a public IP

Phone App Version 2.8.85 Date: 15.02.2018

  • Fixed an issue with some WP600A displayed as WP600ACG in Collaboration and WMS
  • Added option “EU volume limit” in Advanced settings to avoid echo on remote side (option enabled by default)
  • Other minor fixes

Phone App Version 2.8.74 Date: 26.12.2017

Important: The following improvements are available with WMS Version 3.87 (soon in beta); please proceed to updating WP600AXX now to avoid problems with chat and crashes after updating the PBX to WMS 3.87

  • Improvement of unread chat messages sync
  • Improvement of chat sync between devices of the same user
  • Replaced Colleagues page with Recents
  • Added Recents sync: the most recent chats appear above
  • Added notification in case message was not delivered to Presence server
  • It is now displayed when the other party is typing a message
  • Other minor fixes

Phone App Version 2.8.22 Date: 25.09.2017

  • Added support for video in case direct RTP for WebRTC phone is enabled (on Windows)
  • Added support for Failover starting from WMS version 3.86.36723.37 (current Beta)
  • Improved history page usability and design:
    • increased info button clickable area
    • added possibility to download fax / recording (except for fax reports)
    • added option to archive and delete calls
  • Added support for DSCP (with WMS starting from v. 3.86.36065):
    note: if enabled, value from SIP-RTP page is applied for WP600AXX; feature can be disabled in Advanced Settings -> Developer
  • “Until” field is now optional while setting DND / away user status
  • Fixed a regression with connection to custom secure port

Phone App Version 2.8.04 Date: 26.07.2017

  • Fixed freezing during start of application in case user had many active chat sessions
  • Fixed an issue in which very short ringtones were not played to BT headset when using “headset+speaker” mode
  • Fixed an issue in which video sometimes was not activated from Comelit door phone (regression after 2.7.94)
  • Fixed wrong orientation of photo preview in chat in some cases
  • Fixed a rare issue in which the active call was not put on hold automatically when user passed to another call
  • Optimized application for work with a large number of BLF keys
  • Improved usability of using live search in case an incoming call arrived
  • Other minor fixes

WP600AXX version 2.7.94 Date: 31.05.2017

  • Dialing a number has priority over incoming calls
    you can continue dialing a number when you receive an incoming call
  • Added file / image sharing (up to 100Mb)
  • Post-it button moved: type a message, click “+” and select “send as post-it”
  • Video from video intercoms is now shown immediately (starting from WMS v. 3.85.35510, coming soon)
  • Decreased load on webserver of PBX during reconnection
  • Simplified transfer logic from BLF page
    – tap BLF key and select “Transfer” for blind transfer
    – tap BLF key and select “Call” for attended transfer; then tap “Transfer” button in Call management window
  • Improved design when HDMI mode is enabled on WP600ACG
  • Improved audio delay in some cases when user answered from BT headset and ringtone mode “Headset + Speaker” was selected
  • Fixed an issue when bottom BLF keys do not fit on screen
  • Fixed an issue with missing “unlock” button in HDMI mode on WP600ACG
  • Fixed an issue in which “transfer” and “new call” buttons appeared as active in call management window before the other party answered

This version also includes Android firmware

  • Added translations to Estonian
  • Updated Chrome browser
  • Added pdf, docx, xlsx viewer

Phone App Version 2.7.63 Date: 21.04.2017

  • Fixed an issue with impossibility in some rare cases to cancel an outgoing call which was not yet answered, when a new incoming call arrived

Phone App version 2.7.60 Date: 11.04.2017

  • added support for “Park Location” BLF
  • added possibility to set volume level for handset / speaker during a conversation
  • added support for Comelit door phone
  • added support for call group strategy “Call All 32”
  • added new ringtone mode “headset+speaker”
    ringtone is played one time to headset and then to speaker
  • improved logic of selecting headset as active audio device
    if headset is connected, audio device is switched back to headset even if call was answered with handset or speaker
  • changed unlock button icon
  • fixed an issue in which user could not transfer a call to contact
  • fixed missing invitation to video conference in chat
  • fixed an issue in which user who had “away” status could set “DND” via long press on the * button
  • other minor fixes

Phone App Hotfix version 2.7.27 Date: 15.02.2017

  • fixed an issue with transfer / pickup using BLF key

Phone App version 2.7.25 Date: 14.02.2017

  • added possibility to display incoming video stream from doorphone before answer

to enable: add Dialplan Custom Application: SIPAddHeader(Camera:https://admin:admin@
– admin:admin – username and password, if needed
– – IP address of intercom / camera
– /picture0.jpg – picture URL (only .*jpg format is supported at the moment)
More examples:
In case you don’t know how to indicate the path correctly for your webcam / intercom, check this resource: LINK (mind that only HTTP connection and JPEG type are supported)

  • added possibility to call users from Voicemail page
  • DND status can now be enabled by long press on the asterisk button *
  • added possibility to enable/disable call waiting tone via WMS

Users -> “Edit preferences” -> “Call waiting tone”

  • added support for local time visualization in history and voicemail tabs
  • phone’s hardware version is now displayed on “About” page
  • added TLS support for Presence server
  • added watchdog
  • prefix for external line is no longer automatically added when dialing from live search to contacts with long number
  • header/control panel is now automatically hidden during a video call
  • “archived” events are no longer displayed in history
  • fixed wrong call duration timer in case of a multicast call during a normal call
  • fixed incorrect behavior during forward/transfer in case video was enabled
  • fixed no audio issue on BRI trunk during the first second
  • fixed graphical issue with username in call dialog in case of very long username
  • fixed an issue with user picture and number not being displayed immediately in case of slow connections

Android FW for WP600AXX v.

  • added support for DHCP decline feature

Phone App Hotfix version 2.6.12 Date: 16.12.2016

  • fixed an issue in which second incoming call to a call group with “call all 10” strategy was automatically answered in case call agent used BT headset

Phone App Hotfix version 2.6.11 Date: 05.12.2016

  • fixed an issue in which ringtone volume was reset when receiving two concurrent incoming calls


This version also includes Android firmware

  • added recovery feature

how to perform a factory reset:

  1. if your phone is on, turn it off
  2. press and hold the “Headset” button and turn on power (using power adapter or PoE)
  3. release “Headset” button after 5 seconds
  4. the image “W” appears on the display and then the recovery menu
  5. press “2” button to select “Factory reset” and “Headset” button to start the reset

after reset procedure, update Phone app to the latest version

  • updated Chrome browser

note: video conference did not work on previous browser version


Phone App version 2.6.10 Date: 16.11.2016

  • optimized max level of volume for handset to avoid echo on remote side
  • decreased load on webserver of PBX during reconnection
  • removed green phone icon during active call from Android notification bar
  • improved option “Initiate video call” for wp600A
    note: WP600A requests the video from the remote side but no longer shows the local video
  • fixed an issue with some BT headsets (including Jabra Evolve) remaining all the time “in conversation”, even when there is no active call
  • fixed an issue in which caller name could not be displayed before answer in some cases
  • fixed issue with transfer from BLF page
  • small graphical fixes

Phone App version 2.5.75 Date: 11.10.2016

  • support of video calls from Collaboration WebRTC Phone on Chrome starting from WMS v. 3.82.33159

note: after the upgrade to this WMS version, it is necessary to restart the app

  • added unlock button in call window

to enable: add Dialplan Custom Application: SIPAddHeader(Unlock-Button:*123) (where *123 is DTMF); if unlock button is pressed before answer – the call is answered and DTMF is sent

  • added Dutch language
  • added option “Ringtone” allowing you to select the audio device to play the ringtone to, in case headset is selected
  • added “silence” button that disables ringtone for incoming call
  • added possibility to disable ringtone for incoming call using “x” button
  • added hold / resume – via bluetooth Plantronics Voyager headset (2 short presses)


  • in case of paging, call dialog is now closed faster after paging is over
  • improved usability of “call call group” BLF

note: removed green status; red status is replaced with incoming call icon (in case of incoming call to call group)

  • audio system improvements:
    • decreased default mic gain value for headset / handset
    • enabled adaptive jitter buffer by default
    • added slider “Wired headset mic gain”
    • added option “Echo cancellation”
  • increased size of user interface elements for WP600ACG
  • history and voicemail menus swapped positions
  • improved settings menu
  • default timeout for screen sleep is now set to 1 hour
  • it is now possible to ignore notification about new version available in order to answer a call (available after the upgrade)
  • WP600ACG is now correctly displayed in devices selection in Collaboration (starting from WMS v. 3.82.32097)
  • optimized the max volume level to avoid echo
  • live search improvements:
    • contact selected with the finger is now highlighted
    • auto-dial the first number after the timeout without confirmation
  • notification bar improvements
    • new missed / active call icons
    • destination for forced call forward is now indicated
  • it is now easier to change own status: click on the extension number (or on the status icon)
  • improved notification in case access to Voicemail or to History menu is denied by ACL
  • “HD” is now displayed in case g722 codec is used
  • keyboard is now automatically hidden after switch to next page


  • fixed noise issue during the switch of active audio device or hold/unhold
  • fixed priority of G722 codec if wideband codec is used
  • fixed an issue in which call that ended after call timeout was displayed as missed call
  • fixed an issue in which Voicemails selected for deletion and then unselected were deleted
  • call no longer starts automatically after interdigit timeout from live search, in case user types letters
  • fixed an issue in which active call page was not automatically displayed for call generated using BLF key or from Collaboration
  • fixed an issue in which users whose extensions started with 0 (0X, 0XX, 0XXX, etc), were displayed with default avatars
  • fixed wrong call quality statistics after hold/unhold or switching audio source
  • fixed strange sound reproducing in rare cases after putting down the handset


This release includes Android FW for WP600A/ACG

  • use Wildix phone application as default for call using “tel:” URL in Chrome
  • improved processing handset off-hook event
  • removed annoying beep sound when changing volume level

Phone app v. 2.5.30 Date: 06.06.2016

  • fixed an issue in which application sometimes could not connect to PBX after PBX reboot
  • fixed a rare issue in which microphone could be activated on speaker instead of handset

Phone app v. 2.5.26 Date: 30.05.2016

  • fixed an eventual crash during connection to Phone app in case PBX was configured with more than one LAN interface
  • added ringtone playback via 3.5 mm headset
  • fixed an issue in which user pictures were not immediately displayed in live search results

Phone app v. 2.5.15 Date: 18.05.2016
This release includes Android FW for WP600A (v. / WP600ACG (v.

  • WP600ACG: added support for VLAN
  • WP600A: fixed an issue in which VLAN did not work
  • improved audio playback quality for all codecs
  • improved application stability
  • improved multicast call management

if there is an active call, multicast call is shown as a new call (no auto answer)

  • added an option allowing you to select a number of BLF keys per page

Advanced Settings:

  • 4 keys per page (supported in case 12 or less keys are configured: 3 pages x 4 keys)
  • 18 keys per page (supported in case 54 or less keys are configured: 3 pages x 18 keys)
  • 40 keys per page (default: 3 pages x 40 keys)


  • added Voicemail menu as in Collaboration

note: shared Voicemail works starting from the latest rel380 WMS v. 3.81.31808

  • added notification icon when Call forwarding is enabled

note: notification icon works correctly starting from the latest rel380 WMS v. 3.81.31808

  • added sync of “Interdigit timeout” and “Send call key” with WMS > Dialplan, “General Settings”
  • fixed an issue in which ringback tone of the second incoming call was not interrupted once an active call was put on hold
  • fixed an issue in which ringtone was played back to the speaker in case a call group agent received an incoming call during an active call
  • improved ringtone playback to bluetooth headset

selected ringtone is now played back from the beginning till the end

  • fixed no ringback issue when using bluetooth headset, in case user was receiving an incoming call during an outgoing call
  • removed a “click” sound in bluetooth headset, which was played back in case user pressed any button using Touchscreen after 5 seconds of inactivity
  • dial tone playback now stops once the first digit is pressed
  • redial button now works even when application is in background
  • design improvements

Phone App version 2.4.23 Date: 29.03.2016

  • added option “18 BLF per page” (on/off) in Advanced Settings


    • off (default):
      • in case 18 or less keys are configured, show big icons (1×18)
      • in case more than 18 keys are configured, show small icons (3×40)
    • on
      • in case 54 or less keys are configured, show 3 pages of big icons (3×18)
      • in case more than 54 keys are configured, show small icons (3×40)



Phone App version 2.4.21 Date: 23.03.2016

  • optimized the default mic gain level
  • added two short ringtones (internal / external call classes) for bluetooth headset

note: a short ringtone is played back to the headset, then a normal ringtone is played back via the Speakerphone

  • fixed a rare issue with no audio for first several seconds on Cloud PBXs
  • by pressing BLF keys button on a keypad it’s now possible to switch between the pages of BLF keys and also Diapad / Active calls
  • added notification about incoming call for bluetooth headset

note: beep is played to headset, then ringtone is played via speaker

  • added call quality information
  • added “organization” field in history
  • added auto-dial (after 3 seconds, timer is displayed) after tapping a BLF key
  • now in case 54 or less BLF keys are configured, 3 pages of big icons are shown (3×18); in case more than 54 keys are configured, 2 pages of small icons are shown (2×40)
  • chat graphical improvements
  • fixed an issue when in some rare cases away / DND status of colleague could be displayed on a Speed Dial / DTMF key

Phone App version 2.4.08, Android FW version Date: 10.02.2016

  • improved auto-update logic:
    • auto upgrades = on: in this case new Android FW is installed during the night, no confirmation is needed; Phone App / WildixDAV are automatically downloaded but need your confirmation to be installed
    • auto-upgrades = off; notify of new versions = on: only notification about new version (Android FW / Phone APP/ WildixDAV) is displayed, new version is not installed automatically
    • auto-upgrades = off; notify of new versions = off: no auto-upgrade and no notification about new versions
  • added support for Plantronics Voyager Legend headset
  • added suppot for chat
  • WP600ACG only: added suppot for WebRTC videoconference (beta); for now it’s limited to three participants
  • sync of missed calls notification on all devices of user, inlcuding WP480/490 2015 and Collaboration

note: available starting from WMS version Version 3.80.30926.03 (still in rel380beta)

  • added support for Paging
    note: re-login necessary
  • implemented live search from PBX (realtime search in Phonebooks)
  • added forward button on a BLF during an incoming call
  • TLS is now enabled by default if PBX has a public IP
  • decreased volume of call waiting tone (second incoming call)
  • fixed an issue when after hangup media was played back via speaker for less than one second when using headset
  • security improvements
  • include Google Chrome browser as a default one and replace default browser in the bottom menu

note: for existing phones this change is applied after phone’s reset; default browser can also be changed manually

  • optimized logic of Android FW upgrade (step 1 = upgrade of FW, step 2 = upgrade of Phone App)

FAQ section


  • support for simple chat / sending of Post-It messages (same as on Android app)
  • chat on WP600A/WP600ACG is not synced with chat on other devices of user
  • in chat tab you can see the information on the users presence status: online/offline (same as busy / away / ringing / in call
  • you can disable visual chat notifications in Phone app Settings > Advanced


  • you can stream your video only from WP600ACG since it is supplied with 2MB webcam; on WP600A you can only see the videostreaming of others
  • this is the beta version of Videoconference and now it’s limited to 3 participants
  • how to create a WebRTC videoconference? – create it in Wildix Collaboration; it’s impossible to create a conference from WP600A/WP600ACG chat tab
  • how to access a WebRTC videoconference? – you must be invited to the videoconference by a PBX user; you can access the conference by following a link which you receive via chat
  • you must access a conference via Google Chrome browser; Google Chrome browser is included into this version; when you open an invitation link from chat, select to use “Chrome” browser and select “Always” in order to set Chrome as a default browser
  • in order not to be distracted by calls received via Phone app, go to Phone Settings > Advanced, “Allow usage of other VoIP Apps” = ON (in this case Phone app does not open automatically during an incoming call)


  • from now on, live search from Dialplad menu performs search not only in the Colleagues phonebook, but in all shared PBX Phonebooks (ACL rules are applied)
  • life search is performed in the same way as in Collaboration: first colleagues are shown that match the entered criteria, then the Phonebook contacts
  • sync of phonebooks with WildixDAV app is no longer necessary to access PBX phonebooks
  • remember that in case the handset is in off-hook position, the number you entered is automatically dialed after the timeot of 5 seconds; if the handset is in on-hook position, the number you entered will not be automatically dialed allowing you to perform the search

Phone App version 2.3.35, Date: 01.12.2015

Upgrade instructions: Phone settings > Advanced > Search for updates
(otherwise this version will be automatically downloaded during the night)

  • added a flag “Allow usage of other VoIP Apps” to Advanced Settings; when this flag is on, the application is not displayed automatically when changing an audio device, when picking up the receiver or receiving an incoming call
  • added the extension number of the phone’s user near the status icon
  • added phone number to History after the name
  • optimized the default mic gain level for different models
  • improved the network performance
  • fixed an issue where in some rare cases ringback was played back together with early media
  • fixed an issue where in some Dialplan configuration scenarios Caller ID / avatar was not displayed correctly
  • fixed an issue where in some cases the options “Initiate video calls” and “SIP TLS” were not saved
  • the option “Initiate video calls” works correctly now

in case of a call from WP600A to a doorphone for example, this option allows you to automatically receive the video stream together with the audio


WildixDav version 1.5, Date: 26.11.2015

Upgrade instructions: Phone settings > Advanced > Search for updates:
(otherwise new version will be downloaded at night automatically)

  • fixed an issue where in some rare cases it was impossible to connect to PBX over HTTPS
  • default sync time decreased; the new sync interval equals 1 hour + a random period (between 5 and 59 minutes)

Important: after you have updated to this version, open the WildixDAV app to apply the changes for the existing phonebooks!

  • added the default server “auto.wildixin.com”
  • added the possibility to change credentials for existing phonebooks

Phone App version 2.3.27, Android version, Date: 4.11.2015

Upgrade instructions: Phone settings > Advanced > Search for updates :
(otherwise new version will be downloaded at night automatically)

step 1 – confirm to install the new Phone App version
step 2 – confirm to install the new Android version (do not unplug the phone during this upgrade)
step 3 – open the Phone app and confirm to upgrade to the latest stable Phone App version

  • merged Call group status and Pick up call group function keys
  • added support for Whitelist and Blacklist call classes
  • beep is played now instead of dial tone after call hangup when using the handset
  • after receiving a video invitation, call dialog is now automatically displayed
  • errors management improvement
  • addressed an issue causing slow loading of application for the first time after phone reboot
  • fixed an issue where screen became locked after receiving a video invitation during a call (in case screen lock was enabled in phone settings)
  • fixed an issue with searching in large phonebooks, where results could remain on the screen even after search was finished
  • fixed an issue in which scrolling in large call history could be slow for the first time after phone reboot
  • fixed an issue with one way audio between WP600A and W-AIR in case a call was sent with the help of “#” button of the physical keypad
  • fixed an issue when in some rare cases ringtone was played for the incoming call during call waiting
  • call dialog is now displayed automatically also for calls generated using TAPI and Collaboration
  • during relogin procedure active calls are now terminated
  • fixed an issue in which default gateway was not set on the phone when DHCP server became reachable again after network problems in a scenario where phone is connected to switch
    note: it could result in no Internet connection for local devices or impossibility to register a phone for remote devices / devices behind NAT after network problems
  • fixed an issue where on some phones it was impossible to answer a call by pressing the headset button
  • graphical improvements
  • added the option “Never” for phone sleep settings

Version 2.3.18 Date: 19.10.2015

  • removed the button allowing you to delete entries from call history as not needed
    (call history is now synced with the pbx)

Version 2.3.15 Date: 09.10.2015

  • improved logic of reconnection to pbx in case sip connection was lost
  • wp600a user is now displayed with grey status in case pbx is unreachable

Version 2.3.12 Date: 06.10.2015

  • added history sync with the pbx
  • added flag “disable automatic upgrades” to advanced settings
  • bluetooth headset can now be connected by pressing button on headset
  • online (green) status is no longer displayed on colleagues page
  • performance improvements
  • visual improvements
  • added ringback after progress message
  • fixed an issue in which volume level change during ringback was not applied
  • fixed an issue in which login form was sometimes displayed after reboot

Hotfix Version 2.2.98 Date: 22.09.2015

  • usability improvements

Hotfix Version 2.2.95 Date: 21.09.2015

  • fixed an issue in which voice was missing every three minutes for less than one second (related to session timer)

Wildix Phone App Version 2.2.91, Android Version, Date: 14.09.2015

Upgrade instructions: 
Starting from release 2.2.87, the new version is downloaded automatically, to install it, you need to confirm the operation when you open the app.
If you upgrade from older versions: Wildix Phone App > Settings > Advanced > Check for Updates

This release contains the new Phone App version and the new Android version, so the upgrade is done in two steps: 1 – confirm to install the new android version (important: do not unplug the phone when installing the new android version), 2 – confirm to upgrade to the latest phone app version

  • added the possibility to open people app by pressing phonebook button when app is in background
  • added the possibility to access voicemail by pressing the voicemail button when app is in background
  • fixed an issue with mic noise while using wired headset

known issue: remote answer/hang up from headset button does not work

  • added timeout selection of 1 hour and 2 hours for screen sleep
  • fixed an issue with impossibility to select last 4 contacts from search results on dial page if keyboard was open
  • it is now possible to hang up a call using x button from any page of phone app
  • in case of incoming call, the app is now displayed even if the phone is blocked
  • numbers can be now dialed from the browser using phone app
  • default mic gain is set to 75% (applied also for existing customers after upgrade to this version)
  • added the possibility to enable/disable the audible playback of dtmf in app settings
  • added quick search by name on dial page using physical keyboard (long press on digit switches to letters)

Version 2.2.87 Date: 02.09.2015

Upgrade instructions: Wildix Phone App > Settings > Advanced > Check for Updates

  • added ringback via bluetooth
  • added support for group pick up, call group status and dial call group feature keys
  • added auto download of the new version of phone app
    note: in case a new version is available, auto download is performed at night, from 9pm to 6am
  • added playback for the second incoming call after hangup of the first call
  • added realtime display of users presence status in live search
  • visual and graphical improvements

Version 2.2.77 Date: 31.07.2015

  • fixed an issue causing the handset volume to decrease during the call

Version 2.2.72 Date: 22.07.2015

  • added an option “Start video call” in advanced settings to start calls in video mode by default

Version 2.2.70 Date: 20.07.2015

  • ringing/talking statuses are now displayed correctly also for a user who is not connected to collaboration
  • fixed an issiue in which missed calls/voicemails and led blinking were not reset after logout
  • improved app reactivity after start
  • stability improvements
  • added handset mic gain adjustment in settings menu

Version 2.2.63 Date: 02.07.2015

  • added auto configuration using admin password *
  • added bluetooth answer / hangup remote control
  • from now on the feature keys tab is displayed after the phone is idle for two minutes
  • from now on the app and the call detail is always displayed after answer
  • added support for voicemail notification
  • added automatical enabling of video if requested by incoming call
    * available starting from WMS version 3.80.29415.26

Version 2.2.53 Date: 24.06.2015

  • added support for h.263 and h.263+ codecs compatible with door phones devices
  • added separate volume level for ringtone in settings as slider
  • added the switch to tls transport in advanced settings (by default off)
  • added support for different ringtones per contact if set in phonebook
  • removed feature key item type, now only name is displayed
  • added regular check for the new version to suggest upgrade
  • added support for shortcuts to wildixin.com domains in account settings

note: enter only the name into the domain field, while wildixin.com is added automatically

  • dial interdigit timeout is now applied only when in handset mode
  • reduced volume of call held / call hung up tone; the tone is now played only once
  • fixed an issue with incorrect caller id after return from transfer and pick up
  • fixed an issue when the list of feature keys could become empty after the phone had not been used for a long time
  • fixed an issue when after account change, the presence information of the old account’s colleagues was displayed

Version 2.2.45 Date: 12.06.2015

  • added forward function for incoming calls
  • added support for horizontal swipe to move between fk pages
  • disabled echo cancellation for handset and headset
  • disabled the possibility to input digits when receiving an incoming call
  • voicemail destination enabled by default for call forward in case the input field is empty
  • external ringtone moved to external features
  • speed and usability improvements
  • n-ways conference management improvements
  • fixed: occasional mic audio silencing while using handset and headset
  • fixed: after switching from handset to handsfree during transfer, putting the handset on the hook merges the calls
  • fixed: impossible to complete transfer in handsfree by pressing speaker button

Version 2.2.31 Date: 03.06.2015

  • fixes: fk button does not work during a call if the app is in background
  • fixes: voicemail button does not work
  • fixes: fk tab is refreshed when pressing the fk button again or swiping down / up
  • fixes: ringtone is not played back if handset is off hook
  • fixes: volume level is restored to default after phone reboot
  • disables auto dial in case of incoming call
  • disables screen saver on remote call generation
  • audio switching improvements
  • fixes: slow app performance when high number of users are monitored
  • fixes: bluetooth headset does not work if added after starting the app
  • fixes crashes during usage of g711a codec and during video / audio reactivation
  • fixes a crash after start record sound file from wms
  • disables user avatar on speed dial icon (in case colleague is added as a speed dial fk)
  • adds automatic wideband / narrowband codec priority
  • adds advanced settings for jitter buffer, echo limiter (off by default), echo canceller

Wildix Phone Version 2.2.22 Date: 28.05.2015

  • fixes: automatic upgrade issue from version 2.1.74
  • adds support for intercom
  • fixes: mic low volume issue introduced in 2.2.21

Wildix Phone Version 2.2.21 Android Version Date: 27.05.2015

Wildix Phone Application > Settings > Advanced > Search for upgrades
1) Wildix Phone app upgrade (to 2.2.19)
2) Android upgrade (the total download size is 250 MB)
3) Wildix Phone app upgrade (to 2.2.21)

  • bluetooth headset can be used by the app
  • open the phone app if the dial pad is used when the app is closed
  • support for simultaneous use of bluetooth and wifi
  • support for screensaver without usb key (settings > display > daydream)
  • fixes: user can not login if no features key is configured
  • fixes: impossible to unblock the phone using the dial pad
  • fixes: audio delay when answering from handset
  • fixes: user cannot login if no feature key is configured

Version: 2.2.16 13.05.2015

Note: after the upgrade existing colleagues will not be displayed and must be configured using “Collaboration > Settings > Function Keys”

  • external / internal ringtone support
  • long cid names are not correctly displayed
  • timetables, switches, trunks monitoring and dtmf sending support
  • hide always offline status
  • translation improvements
  • hang up button does not work after switching view
  • implement notify check-sync to update remotely function keys
  • call is active but not shown after return from transfer
  • crash after change language
  • status translations are not correctly displayed
  • month/day/call duration in history and statuses (online, away,dnd) are not translated

Version: 2.2.09 04.05.2015

  • can not hear the ringtone playback (settings->ringtone) if the handset is off hook
  • audio connection delay when answering calls from handset
  • mic device is not switched to active device
  • volume level cannot be controlled if device is changed after answering the call
  • volume level cannot be silenced
  • automatic installation of carddav app sync with pbx
  • semi attended transfer completion using display button
  • audio switching improvements at the beginning of a call answered via handset
  • incoming call appears with a delay
  • phone delays operations when typing numbers in transfer menu is present for numbers with more than 7-9 digits
  • codec priority in answer – g729, sort codecs in sdp answer according to local priority
  • 2nd incoming call is automatically answered if user picks up the handset
  • semi attended transfer improvements – hangup the call from display or hardware button must only hangup current call

Version: 2.1.99 23.04.2015

  • dtmf support during progress
  • translations to IT/DE/FR/RU
  • support for semi attended transfer
  • complete transfer by hanging up
  • allow upgrade from beta version entering beta in advanced settings
  • about info update
  • fixed
    • until to and status minor issues
    • user can not set forward to voicemail
    • playback delay of incoming audio
    • crash: go to settings menu, press speaker button
    • phone delays operations when typing numbers in transfer menu
    • status is missing for user busy and ringing

Version: 2.1.97 21.04.2015

  • improvements of delay during answer from handset
  • add pause / resume call when touching a call element
  • crash: enter number, press speaker button
  • stability / usability fixes