Collaboration iOS App — Changelog

Wildix Collaboration iOS App extends Wildix Unified Communications to your iPhone and iPad. Read the changelog to learn about the most recent features, improvements and fixes.

Download Wildix Collaboration iOS Mobile app from iTunes App store.
Version 8.16.55954 Date: 12 June 2024
  • Added possibility to search colleagues by Department
  • Added possibility to send 2-way SMS from app Contacts
    Requirements: Activated CLASSOUND, with possibility to send 2-way SMS
    1) Go to the Contacts tab
    2) Select Contact
    3) Press the phone number and select 2-way SMS
    Documentation: https://wildix.atlassian.net/wiki/x/2Q-OAQ
  • Improved the logic so that in SMS chats, the name of the contact is used for the chat name, instead of the phone number
  • Fixed an issue of app crash when there was a huge amount of records in History → Call groups tab
  • Fixed a rare issue in which it wasn’t possible to answer an incoming call when the app was in the background
Version 8.15.55948 Date: 11 January 2024
  • Fixed an issue of app crash if there was a huge amount of records in History → Call groups tab
Version 8.15.55947 Date: 09 January 2024
  • Added information about the type of phone number (e.g. work, mobile, etc.) when opening user details
  • Fixed an issue in which it was impossible to delete voicemails of a Call group notifications manager on iOS
  • Fixed an issue in which g729 codec was prioritized over g711u after call pickup
  • Fixed an issue in which it was impossible to answer an incoming call on the blocked display if the caller number contained the colon character
Version 8.13.55942 Date: 26 July 2023
  • Added support for the Catalan language
  • Added possibility to initiate CLASSOUND 2-way SMS on mobile apps
    • Activated CLASSOUND
    • Min. license type: UC-Business (only users with UC-Business and UC-Premium licenses can send and receive SMS)
    • CLASSOUND DID configured as Office number for those users who need to exchange SMS messages via CLASSOUND
    • The USA/UK Country Code (+1/+44) set in WMS Settings → PBX → Language and Region
    • Select a number you want to send an SMS to (you can dial it from Dialpad)
    • Tap “2 Way SMS”
Version 8.12.55940 Date: 31 May 2023
  • Extended the chat message about an upcoming conference with more details, added title and time of the conference
  • Fixed an issue in which the app crashed when trying to make a call from native call history (Phone → Recents)
  • Fixed an issue with removal of missed calls from History → Call groups tab, in which:
    • the last missed call entry deleted from Voicemail Call group Manager in Collaboration was not removed on mobile
    • when removing all missed calls from Voicemail Call group Manager, nothing was deleted on mobile
8.11.55938 Date: 05 April 2023
  • Added possibility to configure an automatic Direct Call (call via Mobile network) for certain numbers (e.g. 112 emergency number) for all PBX users
  • Disabled chat and post-it functionality if it is globally disabled on the PBX with custom config parameter COLLABORATION_CHAT_ALLOW=false
  • Made improvements to the welcome message which is sent to a mobile user, by adding PBX domain to the download app link, so that the PBX domain is inserted automatically during login.
    • The support starts from WMS 6.02.20230306.1.
Version 8.10.55932 Date: 25 January 2023
  • Increased the number of Function keys that can be used in Collaboration app from 20 to 40
  • Fixed an issue, in which ACL permission “Cannot use” — “Contact center” was not applied
  • Fixed an occasional issue in which during an outgoing call the app froze, with no audio and no possibility to hang up the call on iPhone 14 and iOS 16.1.1
  • Resolved an issue in which user presence was displayed incorrectly (“Offline”, though the user was online and there was a green circle next to the profile picture)
  • Fixed an issue in which the app stuck in connecting state after upgrade to v. 8.9.55929 when the option ‘Use PBX LAN Address’ was disabled
Version 8.9.55929 Date: 19 December 2022
  • Added possibility to send files from iCloud and iPhone Files
    • To use this option, click add -> Send files -> browse for the file you want to send.
  • Fixed an issue of random logouts

Version 8.8.55928 Date: 19 October 2022

  • Added support of Dark Theme
    • to activate, go to Settings -> Advanced -> Dark theme
  • Improved the logic so that without access to microphone it isn’t possible to initiate or accept a call
  • Improved search of contacts, to avoid cases when contact could not be found if both name and surname were entered in the search field
  • Fixed no audio issue during outgoing calls on iOS mobile app, in which the caller’s audio disappeared after 5 minutes, if WebRTC was enabled
  • Fixed an issue in which iOS user heard beeps when recording an internal voicemail of any PBX user, if WebRTC was disabled
  • Fixed an occasional issue with Call group notification manager feature, in which number of unanswered calls on the Call Groups tab was duplicated, if user opened the Call Group tab, closed the app and opened the tab again
  • Fixed an issue of incorrect display of presence statuses of users that were offline (after DND status) or had WP phone with Away/ DND status
Version 8.7.55925 Date: 08 August 2022
  • Fixed an issue in which Collaboration app crashed on iPhone 13 Pro after upgrade to v. 8.7.55914

Version 8.6.55898 Date: 08 March 2022

  • Added Contact center tab in Settings that allows to dynamically log into and monitor Call groups
    • Note: PBX must be upgraded to WMS 5.04.20211108.3 to use this feature
  • Added Call groups tab in History which has functions of Call Group notifications manager feature; the tab displays all missed events in Call groups which the user is monitoring and lets to call a user back, mark the event as read, or delete it.
  • Added search in iPhone Contacts when dialing a number or entering a name in Collaboration Dialpad
  • Updated Google icon on the login screen
  • Added the display of the exact time a chat message was sent
  • Improved the process of creating a Group Chat, so that the Search bar is automatically cleared after adding a user

Version 8.5.55876 Date: 05 January 2022

  • Added support for iOS 15
  • CLASSOUND: made improvements to ensure E911 compliance

Version 8.4.45871 Date: 06 September 2021

  • Added support for Kite chat group
  • Added support for the Danish language
  • Fixed an issue when it was impossible to complete a blind transfer via Function keys

Version 8.3.45865 Date: 01 April 2021

  • Stability improvements

Version 8.2.45850 Date: 27 August 2020

  • Fixed an issue with audio distortions after resuming a call and a rare issue with audio distortions during a call, both when using a Bluetooth headset
  • Added support for iOS 14
    • fixed an issue with dialpad button working incorrectly
    • fixed a rare issue with crash during an incoming call via push notification

Version 8.1.45805 Date: 03 July 2020

  • Decreased audio delay during active calls (especially when using AirPods and Bluetooth headsets)
  • Chat stability improvements
  • Fixed a rare issue when a group chat avatar was displayed instead of an actual user picture

Version 8.0.45765 Date: 09 June 2020

  • Improved call audio quality by adding support of WebRTC mode (available only starting from WMS 5.0)
    • the option “WebRTC” is disabled by default and located in Advanced Settings
    • to enable WebRTC mode, toggle the option on
    • added WebRTC DTLS support
    • decreased audio delay during active calls
    • Requirements:
      • WMS version 5.01.20200327.3 or higher
      • iOS version 10.0 or higher
    • Limitations in WebRTC mode:
      • сonference calls are not supported yet
      • G.729 codec is not supported
  • Group chats improvements:
    • added “Read by” indication: user avatars appear under read messages. Limitation: for group chats with < 10 participants
    • added possibility to display message sender name
    • minor chat UI/UX fixes
  • Improved design of alerts and notifications when user denies permission to system capabilities
  • Fixed a rare issue when group chat unread counter didn’t clear after reading a message
  • Fixed an issue with broken chat message if user received video conference link from another user
  • Fixed an issue when it was impossible to find contacts via live search in iPv6 networks
  • Starting from the current version, you are automatically forwarded to Wizyconf iOS app after joining a conference

NOTE: The latest Apple requirements for iOS 13 SDK change the behavior of push notifications compatibility

Important: After the upgrade to the current app version (8.0.45765), a user needs to open the app to update a new push subscription. Otherwise, all non-call push notifications (chat message / missed call message) are sent to the app as a call containing own user caller name.

  • The sync between read chat messages in Collaboration and the app is currently disabled. In order to remove push notifications that were received for group chat messages, open the app (this behavior will be improved in the next releases)
  • After re-login to another PBX without correct logout from the previous PBX, a user can still receive push notifications (chat / call / missed call) from the previous PBX as a call containing own caller name after logout, non-call push notifications (chat / call / missed call) are sent to the app as “Unknown” call
    • to disable these notifications, log in to a previous PBX and perform logout again. A warning notification with extension and PBX domain is displayed if this situation occurs
    • to remove push subscriptions from PBX: access PBX via SSH as root and run the command “push_remove EXT” where EXT is user extension, for example, 123

Version 7.9.35599 Date: 16 March 2020

  • Fixed an issue in which connection notification didn’t disappear after answering a call or opening a chat message

Version 7.9.35597 Date: 17 February 2020

  • Stability improvements
Version 7.9.35595 Date: 12 February 2020
  • Fixed an issue with first login to the app being unsuccessful
  • Fixed an issue in which a videoconference invitation was displayed as a message if the default Feature code “Conference” 98 was previously changed
  • Fixed an issue with an audio source switching to the Speaker mode during video calls even if Bluetooth headset was selected as a default audio source
  • Fixed an issue with the app not requesting permission to access Siri upon the first login
  • Improved error handling when there is no connection to PBX or chat history cannot be loaded
  • Added possibility to search for messages inside chats
    • all results are grouped by 4 categories: “Colleagues”, “Kite Messaging”, “Group Chats”, “Messages”
    • the search is performed only by messages present in local storage in the app
    • added “No results” label for an empty search result
Version 7.8.35572 Date: 13 January 2020
  • Added cloud-stored group chats support (available in WMS version 4.03.44817.02)
    • It is possible to:
      • create group chats
      • send/ receive messages
      • send files
      • invite/ remove users (note: impossible to remove yourself and a group chat owner)
    • Limitations:
      • no more than 100 group chats can be received from the server
      • not available for PBXs with LifeTime/ Per Service licenses
      • if user opens a push notification from a group chat after being removed by an owner, one-to-one chat with user who sent message is opened
  • Fixed an issue with Recents list not being saved if a newly-created user logged in to Collaboration from iOS app for the first time
  • Fixed an issue when a caller didn’t hear ringback tone on iOS app if a callee had away status
  • Fixed an issue with compression settings not being applied to pictures sent via standard sharing option on iOS
  • Fixed an issue in which scroll through a chat message containing a link resulted in its opening on iOS 13
Version 7.7.35440 Date: 17 October 2019
  • Added support for iOS 13
  • Added ability to display extra information in chat for Kite user logged using SSO
  • Added ability to copy phone and e-mail of users from chat detail view to clipboard
  • Improved process to provide customer feedback:
    • added PBX and extension information to feedback e-mail
    • feedback is asked repeatedly only after 1 month since the previous feedback request
    • added button ‘Remind in several months’ allowing to postpone feedback request for 3 months
    • rating stars become clickable, clicking on ‘5 star’ sends user to App Store feedback, rating information is included in the feedback e-mail
  • Added Swedish and Norwegian translations
  • Fixed crashes on devices in case 12 hours date format was set in iOS Settings
  • Fixed sorting messages in case 12 hours date format was set in iOS Settings
  • Fixed an issue when video from 2N IP doorphone being displayed with a delay
  • Optimized speed of call answer

Version 7.6.35421 Date: 3 October 2019

  • Added compatibility with the new Presence Server (available starting from WMS v. 4.02.44435.37) for DTMF sending from iOS app for remote calls started from a different device

Version 7.6.35419 Date: 4 September 2019

  • Fixed an issue in which application did not display full chat message immediately when message was received via push
  • Fixed an issue with camera preview not properly aligned for iOS devices without home button
  • Improved jitter buffer performance
  • Added connection improvement for application on a PBX in case of large installations (>10k users)
  • Added notification sound for handover
  • Added possibility to download fax from call history
  • Fixed an issue in which “record voice message” button was missing in chat in some cases
  • Added a warning during login for user with basic license
  • Added auto-login to Wizyconf from iOS when user is invited to a conference
    • Limitation: impossible to join a conference with a different user by new token using iOS Safari browser after re-login in the app (user anyway joins the conference as the previous user)
  • Fixed an issue with duplicated messages from user who was moved to a different PBX in WMS network, and impossibility to load chat history for this user

Version: 7.5.35391 Date: 31 July 2019

  • Fixed an issue in which user pictures of colleagues were not displayed if PBX was reached only via custom secure port
  • Fixed an issue in which DND status of user did not change after leaving the conference
  • Fixed an issue with emoji being not displayed in Chat menu
  • Added ability to change user picture
  • Added ability to provide customer feedback
    • feedback notification is displayed in 5 days after the upgrade
    • the option “Give Feedback” located in Advanced Settings
  • Added ability to receive photos/ files from other apps using standard sharing option
    • only one photo/ file can shared at once
    • the maximum file size is 35Mb
    • it is impossible to forward files between colleagues inside Wildix application using standard sharing option
Hotfix Version 7.4.35368 Date: 4 July 2019
  • Fixed application crash during startup after receiving message from Kite user with incorrect identifier

Version: 7.4.35364 Date: 25 June 2019

  • Fixed an issue with impossibility to resume a call that was on hold for more than 5 minutes
  • Fixed an issue with impossibility to create or play audio recording from chat when there was an active call on remote device
  • Fixed an issue with phantom call appearing after deactivating “Disable SIP mode” option
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases chat received as push was not automatically added to Recents list
  • Photos/ files sent via chat are no longer re-downloaded when sender clicks on them
  • Record button is now disabled if ACL restriction “cannot use personal recording” is present
  • Added possibility to display additional user information in chat (full user status, active call info, location on map)
  • Added auto-refresh of subscription to push notifications when “Disable SIP mode” is activated
  • Added ability to control active call from Apple watch
  • Added Spanish translations

Hotfix Version 7.3.35341 Date: 5 June 2019

  • Fixed a crash occurring during app start on iOS 9/ 10 for users who have a large number of Colleagues (~500) in Roster

Version 7.3.35340 Date: 31 May 2019

  • Fixed an issue with wrong menu size when navigation application is running in the background
  • Fixed an issue chat scroll not being properly placed in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with application showing duplicate notifications in some cases
  • Improved call handover feature
  • Optimized requests to Presence server
  • Added ability to send Call me back in chat
  • Added option to archive and delete calls from call history
  • Added copy/ paste functionality in call history
  • Added ability to save contact from history
  • Added Finnish translations
  • Menu is now hidden when video is enabled during a call
  • Improved DTMF keyboard design
  • Image gallery UI improvements

Apple Watch extension:

  • Added ability to show all calls on Apple watch

Version 7.2.35313 Date: 7 May 2019

  • Fixed an issue with missing audio in case incoming call was answered using car Bluetooth
  • Fixed an issue with impossibly to start chat from live search with newly created colleague
  • Fixed an issue in which user could see call recording made by remote side on calls history page
  • Fixed an issue with application taking too long to connect to the PBX, in case the PBX had many network interfaces
  • Chat UX improvements
  • Dial page UX improvements
  • Added separation of photos by albums/ groups for file sharing feature
  • Added notifications for SIP responses “Decline” and “Busy here”
  • Added possibility to call a phone number from chat (condition: number should start with + or 0 and have a length between 7 and 18 digits)
  • Added possibility to take a photo using the camera and send it via chat
  • Improved reminder in case notifications are disabled
  • Added “Disable SIP mode” feature:
    • option located in Advanced Settings and disabled by default
    • chat and call control/ call generation via remote device continue to work
    • when this mode enabled, call via “Direct call” is set as default mode for call generation
    • in this mode application de-registers from the PBX; missed call counter, new voicemail counter and status of “Trunk”, “Timetable”, “Switch”, “3 state switch”, “Call group” Feature Keys stop working

Added Apple Watch extension; features supported in this version:

  • possibility to display active call on watch (only active call on iOS application and only 1 call)
  • possibility to decline/hangup call from watch (no possibility to answer)
  • possibility to see/set status from watch (see full status, e.g. “away XXX until yy.zz.mmmm”/ set only away, dnd, online, offline)
  • possibility to see your own user name and picture on watch
  • possibility to enable incoming calls notification on Apple watch (option located in Advanced settings on iOS app; default status “Off”).

Additional info:
1) To display incoming call notification on Apple Watch, enable “Ring on Apple Watch” in Advanced settings on iOS application
2) To sync user status and active call information, it’s necessary to open both Apple watch and iOS apps.
3) Sync delay may between Apple watch and iPhone may reach up to five seconds.
4) In some cases Apple watch app may stop receiving data (status, user pic) from iOS app; to fix this issue, it is necessary to reboot Apple watch.

Version 7.1.35284 Date 4 April 2019

  • Added ability to re-send files in case of network problems
  • Added call continuity support for new W-AIR models
  • Improved sync of call status using Presence server to prevent continuous ringing after answering on another device
  • Fixed an issue in which network failure during file transfer could lead to broken chat in Collaboration
  • Fixed an issue in which firewall bypass was set to auto mode even if “firewall bypass” option was off in app settings

Version 7.0.35267 Date: 20 February 2019

  • Fixed an issue in which network failure during file transfer could lead to broken chat in Collaboration

Version 7.0.35266 Date: 18 February 2019

  • Fixed an issue in which app continued to ring after call was answered on another device, due to network problems
  • Fixed an issue with chat messages from newly added users were not displayed on iOS
  • New application design
  • Added ability to start chat from live search results
  • Implemented Firewall bypass (beta) feature:
    • Option located in Advanced settings, available options “Off”, “On” and “Auto”
    • By default feature is disabled
    • In “Auto” mode application switches audio stream to PBX via external TURN server in case audio stream is missing for 5 seconds after call was started
    • Application uses TURN server located on turn.wildix.com (used TCP port 443)
    • Limitations:
      • firewall bypass works only on Сloud PBXs and on PBXs with 1-to-1 NAT
      • application supports only 1 call in case feature is enabled
      • switching to external TURN server during conversation in case audio stream was lost (in Auto mode) will be implemented in next releases

Version 6.9.35273 Date: 31 January 2019

  • Reduced audio delay after answering an incoming call
  • Added support for ACLs “set Personal Information”, “set Call Forward Busy”, “set Call Forward No Answer”, “set Call Forward All”, “set Call waiting”, “set Mobility extension management”
  • Added support for sending multiple photos in chat
  • Added open source regulation notice on About page
  • Stability improvements

Version 6.8.35263 Date: 9 January 2019

  • Fixed an issue with impossibility to generate a call or app freezing when the number of photos in “Wildix” album exceeded 80
  • Fixed an issue in which user could not transfer a call to Park Location feature key
  • Fixed an issue with missing Function keys page when application was woken up with an incoming call after it was closed
  • Fixed an issue with animation of dialer on iPhone X / new iPad Pro
  • Added option to generate call via another device
  • Added option to pass an active call to specific device from iOS (tap Transfer button and select Device in menu)
  • Added date information in the top chat room area
  • Added date separators in chat
  • Added support for adaptive jitter buffer (the max jitter buffer value is 500ms) to improve call quality
  • Improved the app audio engine to ensure better audio quality
  • Increased time for delivering push chat messages to 60 mins in case user is outside network

Version 6.7.35244, 15 November 2018

  • Fixed an issue with one way audio during calls between Stable and Beta (6.7.35241) apps
  • Added possibility to view and control own active calls on other devices (hold / record / dtmf)
  • Added possibility to pass an active call to specific device (tap and hold Call continuity button)
  • Added support for ACL “view geolocation”
  • Added ‘antenna’ to call dialog for call quality information indicated “audio only” for the number and the link to join the conference as long as Apple does not support vp8 codec in iOS Safari
  • “Until” field is now optional while setting DND / away user status
  • Updated design for History and Contact details
  • Fixed an issue with application not ignoring push notification from previous PBX in case logout procedure was not performed correctly (starting from WMS v 3.88.42342.40)
  • Fixed an issue with only first 1300 symbols being displayed in chat history for messages received via push
  • Fixed an issue with wrong picture orientation in preview
  • Fixed an issue in which all numbers were displayed as “phone” in phonebook

Version 6.6.35237, 7 November 2018

  • Added Call continuity feature (possibility to see active calls on other devices and switch to iOS)
  • Added possibility to display/playback call recordings from Call history
  • It is now possible to send a message from Call history to user who was removed from Recents
  • Added compact preview for non-image files with small thumbnail
  • Improved photo exchange UI – images are now shown without balloon and image name
  • Call window UX improvements: increased the size of name and time, removed hold action from user picture
  • Fixed an issue in which it was impossible to change settings / download file / join the conference from chat immediately after first login
  • Fixed an issue in which newly received picture/file was displayed only in Collaboration and not in iOS (picture/file became visible in iOS chat only after sending a message to the sender)

Version 6.5.35216, 18 October 2018

  • Fixed an issue with “Connecting…” notification still being present after successful connection to SIP server
  • Fixed an issue with logout from the app after some time in case custom secure port was used and on port 443 another web service answered with “Unauthorized” error

Version 6.5.35207, 17 September 2018

  • Added support for iOS 12
  • Added conversion of .heic images into .jpeg (option in Advanced Settings, enabled by default)
  • Added possibility to save images on the phone (option in Advanced Settings, enabled by default)
  • Added Transfer option for Feature key Colleague, Park Orbit and Speed Dial
  • Added unread messages separator in chat
  • Added button to open video conference in Safari or join video conference in audio-only mode
    • only audio and chat, no video in Safari
    • DND status “in conference” is removed after the conference is finished, but is not removed automatically after closing tab with conference 
    • user authorisation is required to enter the conference (solved in WMS version 3.88.42007)
  • Fixed an issue in which one call was put on hold in case user merged two calls into a conference
  • Minor fixes (chat)

Version 6.4.35192, 16 August 2018 

  • Added possibility to send voice recordings from chat
  • Increased default volume level when Bluetooth headset is used
  • Fixed the problem with unread messages marked as read after user swiped up to sync chat history
  • Added support for “Call me back” message
  • Added display of user picture / status in live search results
  • Improved notifications in case an issue with network connection to SIP or Presence servers is detected
  • UI/UX fixes on iOS 9

Version 6.3.35183, 26 July 2018

  • Added support for live search in PBX Phonebooks (from Dialpad)
  • Added Name (number) / geolocation to Dialpad page
  • Added сheck of permissions for microphone / contacts access
  • Added possibility to compress pictures before sending
  • Fixed an issue with inverted order of messages in chat in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with missing notification to user after trying to place a call via Callback
  • Fixed an issue with wrong display of date when receiving push chat message in case a sender had incorrect time settings
  • Fixed an issue with failed outgoing call in T-Mobile network (Important for the United States!)

Version 6.2.35157, 6 July 2018

  • added Voicemail menu to History page
  • added possibility to call users from Voicemail page
  • added highlighting of links / emails in chat
  • updated Estonian translations
  • fixed a rare issue in which the app could disconnect from the Presence Server and could not reconnect unless restarted
  • UI/UX improvements
  • stability improvements

Version 6.1.35151, 21 June 2018

  • Improved call management via Push notification (“pickup” replaced with “invite”, starting from WMS v 3.88.40857.23)

Version 6.0.35150, 7 June 2018

  • improved the speed of the application
  • added support of login via Office 365 and Google single sign-on
  • added support for 2 factor authentication (2FA)
  • added support for sip:, wildix: URI schemes
  • chat improvements (the following improvements are available with WMS Version 3.87):
    • improvement of unread chat messages sync
    • improvement of chat sync between devices of the same user
    • replaced Colleagues page with Recents
    • added Recents sync: the most recent chats appear above
    • added possibility to remove chats from Recents (swipe left to delete).
    • added notification in case message was not delivered to Presence server
    • it is now displayed when the other party is typing a message
    • file sharing confirmation with photo&video preview
  • added support for Function Keys (limited to 20 FK).
    • tap Dialpad / Feature Keys to switch between the menus
  • fixed an issue with calls hangups when BT headset was used on iPad
  • graphic and design improvements and fixes
  • other fixes and improvements

NOTE: Due to new Apple requirements due to a new Chinese Government regulation Collaboration iOS app has been removed from the Chinese App Store.

Version 5.1.34125, 18 December 2017

  • fixed a crash occurring in case of network problems (no DNS reply) during application launch

Version 5.1.34122, 11 October 2017

  • fixed an issue in which only company name and phone number were displayed in phonebook, while contact’s name and surname were missing

Version 5.1.34117, 01 September 2017

  • fixed an issue in which it was impossible to send an edited photo or photo with a filter applied

Version 5.1.34114, 28 August 2017

  • fixed a crash occurring in some cases after opening a chat with specific colleagues
  • fixed an issue in which chat page was empty after closing the app while the virtual keypad was expanded, and then opening it again
  • fixed a regression in which it was impossible to enable video from CallKit screen for a call received as a PUSH notification

Version 5.1.34111, 14 July 2017

  • Chat message content is now shown in lock screen notification

Version 5.1.34110, 06 July 2017

  • added support for video in case direct RTP for WebRTC phone is enabled (on Windows)

Version 5.1.34108, 04 July 2017

  • app renamed to “Collaboration”
  • speaker mode is now enabled automatically in Callkit when remote side enables video

Version 5.1.34093, 09 June 2017

  • fixed a regression in which it was impossible to change call features from the app
  • fixed an issue with custom ringtone not being applied in case of incoming call while using the app
  • speeded up responsiveness of chat
  • Estonian language
  • other minor fixes

Version 5.1.34088, 31 May 2017

  • file / image sharing (up to 100Mb)
  • Post-it button moved: type a message, click “+” and select “send as post-it”
  • video from video intercoms is now shown immediately (starting from WMS v. 3.85.35510)
  • video call improvements:
    • added video button to Callkit call window
    • added notification “Wildix video” in case of video call
    • video stream is now automatically accepted, if video codecs are present in the first invite
  • speeded up call generation in Callkit
  • added information message in case notifications are disabled in iOS
  • logout is now performed in case user changes account settings (even if logout button was not pressed)
  • improved permissions requests management during the first login

Version 5.0.34065, 21 April 2017


  • min. WMS version: 3.84.35087
  • a direct, unproxied connection to Apple Push Notification servers from smartphone is necessary on ports TCP 5223; TCP 2195; TCP 2196; TCP 443
  • PBX must be connected to the internet and be able to communicate with push.wildix.com server

What’s new:

  • VoIP call is no longer interrupted by GSM call
  • No need to unlock your phone to answer
  • More efficient battery usage due disconnecting from PBX when the app is running in the background
  • Call control using headsets
  • Added “offline” status, allowing users to go offline when they want to use mobility or do not want to be disturbed by push notifications and messages
  • Push notifications for chat messages
  • Added option “reject call” for all call classes
  • Added preview of files/images (full support for file transfer is expected in the next version)
  • Improved usability of control buttons in active call dialog
  • Improved the situation in which ringtone continued to play on iOS after call was answered on another device
  • “Archived” events are no longer displayed in history
  • Fixed issue in which ringtone was played only once when push notification arrived
  • Fixed an issue in which external line prefix was added for calls generated in “direct call” mode
  • Fixed an issue with impossibility to answer an incoming SIP call during an active GSM call

WMS version is lower than 3.84.35087:

  • chat notifications do not arrive when app is running in the background
  • push call cancel message is not supported (ringtone continues to play on iOS for 2 minutes even after call was answered on another SIP device)

WMS version 3.84.35087 or higher:

  • iOS device in present in Collaboration device choice only when SIP registration is present (when app is active)
    NB! thanks to push notifications, user with iOS device appears always with online status, to disable push notifications and disconnect from VoIP and Presence server: set “offline” status or log out

Version 4.15.33039, 7 October 2016

  • added support of video calls from Collaboration WebRTC Phone on Chrome starting from WMS v. 3.82.33159 (after the upgrade to this WMS version, it is necessary to restart the app)
  • fixed an issue in which missed call notification could disappear from lock screen / notification bar in iOS 10

Version 4.14.33023, 12 September 2016

  • fixed a issue with missing user statuses icons
  • added iOS 10 compatibility
  • added support for Jabra Motion headset:
    • answer (click once to answer an incoming call)
    • reject (long press or double click to reject an incoming call)
    • hold/unhold (long press or double click during a call)
    • redial (double click when there is no active call)
  • added search in local phonebook for active calls and history in case no match was found in PBX phonebook
  • added new incoming message notification during an active chat on iPhone
  • added automatic wideband / narrowband codec priority
  • added possibility to make direct call via GSM from application
  • support of text conversion into EMOJI in chat
  • 3D Touch menu – favorite calls (top 3 calls from history)
  • “HD” is now displayed in case codec g722 is used

Hotfix version 4.12.32106, 26 July 2016

  • fixed an issue in which ringtone was playing even with silent mode enabled

Version: 4.11.32015, 17 July 2016

  • improved logic of reconnection to PBX (SIP/presence/settings)
  • improved logic of location setting
  • support for Wildix standard ringtones (set via Collaboration)
    supported ringtones: backwards, elevator, emergency, external, guitar1, harp1, harp2, piano1, piano2, piano3, piano4, piano5, rhodes, ring1 (default), ring2, ring3, ring4, ring5, silent, soul, wurlitzer
  • support of “reachable by phone” and hotel MUR statuses
  • sync of history (starting from WMS v. 3.80.29100) and missed calls notifications (starting from WMS v. 3.80.31100) with the PBX
  • support of push notifications for incoming / missed calls (starting from WMS Beta v. 3.82.32097)
    for correct work of push notifications, you need a direct, unproxied connection to the Apple Push Notification servers on these ports: TCP 5223; TCP 2195; TCP 2196; TCP 443
    to disable push notifications, log out from application
  • added Dutch language
  • decreased volume of call waiting tone (2nd incoming call)
  • “call timeout” value is now synced with the PBX
  • graphic and design improvements and fixes

Version: 4.8.31318, 23 March 2016

  • added translations (IT, FR, DE)
  • design improvements and new animation effects
  • added support for shortcuts to wildixin.com domains in account settings
  • added call features settings for whitelist / blacklist classes
  • phone number is now displayed under caller name for active call
  • fixed an issue with blind call transfer to phonebook contact
  • fixed pickup from Collaboration via iOS application
  • call duration timer is now displayed only after answer
  • links are now correctly displayed in chat
  • fixed issue with displaying geolocation of users connected via iOS application

Version: 4.7.30190, 15 December 2015

  • iPad portrait mode and rotation
  • User interface improvements
  • History design update
  • Bugs fixes

Version: 4.7.30164, 12 November 2015

  • Graphical improvements
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect visualization of chat conversations containing links, Post-It messages or phone numbers, after history exchange

Version: 4.6.29911, 25 September 2015

  • added ringback after progress message
  • “send” button in chat room is now disabled if you are offline (the message that cannot be sent remains in the input field)
  • both name and number are now displayed during a call

Version: 4.6.29699, 10 August 2015

  • graphical improvements
  • added support for h263 and h263p codecs
  • fixed an issue in which it was impossible to call from history using gsm
  • fixed an issue in which bt headset could be connected but not displayed by the app

Version: 4.6.29301, 25 June 2015

  • updated design and icons
  • fixed a crash occurring after user has blocked access to contacts
  • from now on an outgoing voip call (not answered) is automaticaly cancelled in case of an incoming gsm call
  • added app rating
  • fixed an ios 7 crash

Version: 4.6.29094, 12 May 2015

  • encrypt by default all sip communications
  • show in chat list only city instead of full geolocation
  • increased audio quality in case of network problems