empowers its communication system with Wildix

Matteo Calvi: “The system is intuitive, simple and comprehensive. Certain aspects of it have been beneficial for our work. On the one hand, seamless cordless coverage has undoubtedly facilitated the work for our employees, who are now free to move around whilst remaining available at the same extension number, wherever they happen to be.

And as for those who, like myself, are responsible for managing the company’s communications system, this very simple system has certainly made the job much easier, since it allows moving an extension with a single click instead of having to modify the whole wiring system each time. The shared phonebook, which can be organized into contact groups, and the Collaboration system are also very powerful functionalities which have enabled us to take a qualitative leap forward, especially considering how often the old Avaya system used to freeze up and require reinstallation. Our staff’s experience with the video conferencingsystem has also been extremely positive.

And, given that Wildix is a native IP solution based on SIP standards, a further feature we intend to develop is networking with other European PBXs utilizing the same protocol.

A focal point differentiating Wildix from its competitors, particularly the larger firms, and which has won our trust in a high degree, is their technical support service, fast and decisive throughout the various phases of installation and maintenance. I am not talking here only of our long-standing relationship with G&B Connect, in whom we have full confidence, but more especially the remote technical support provided by Wildix, which has proven to be extremely professional.”

NACCO Industries Inc., is a multinational company set up in 1913 in the USA to manage coal mines. It’s a tough company, for tough guys who push themselves, body and mind, to the limits and beyond. That’s why it has lasted more than a century, all the time growing, developing, branching out, just like a mine.

As of today, it operates in several different market sectors; their domestic appliances and kitchen fittings are to be found in American homes whilst the goods of a spin-off company, Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc., a leading player in the production of all kinds of forklift trucks, are distributed around the world, to individual factories and large port areas alike. Their operating subsidiary, NMHG Materials Handling Group, has over 5,000 employees in Europe alone, with its HQ in England, a data centre in Scotland, and three branch offices, one in Ireland, one in Holland and one in Masate, that handle production and sales.

The Italian branch has 250 employees in the factory and offices in via Confalonieri in Masate, near Milan, but they are closely linked to the firm’s five other European offices.

Growth, as an international player with outstanding results, can only be achieved by establishing trusting relations with local partners who enhance the work of each individual branch, and by maintaining excellent communications with all parties, both within the company and with customers. This is why NMHG’s Masate site has collaborated for many years with G&B connect.
G&B connect in fact, was one of the first Italian companies to opt for IP and Unified Communication, integrating VoIP in the networking systems.

At NMHG, integration was achieved in 2014, with the migration from an Avaya system to Wildix. After being guests at the Wildix Convention 2014, the IT Manager of NMHG, Matteo Calvi, was able to take on board the clear technological advantages of a state-of-the-art Unified Communication system. The company’s main requirement at that time was the possibility for freedom of movement within a complex containing a number of buildings spread all along a street almost a kilometre in length, as well as being able to monitor the entrances from a central reception point.

G&B connect therefore installed a Wildix system that manages 150 DECT phones.

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