Integrated Products : Collaboration

Datto Inc.

Datto Inc. Integrate your PBX Wildix with Datto Inc. About the company Datto delivers technology that helps MSPs customise and deliver unified continuity, networking and business management solutions. These include products to help mitigate against cyberthreats, as well as secure against data loss. Founded in 2007, Datto protects over 1 million users around the world. …

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La solution Wildix a une intégration complète avec les différents applicatifs Google , c’est probablement la plus complète sur le marché. WILDIX & GOOGLE Découvrez les 11 façons dont Wildix a intégré Google en toute ingéniosité à sa solution, toujours avec la volonté et l’objectif de simplifier l’expérience utilisateur : Importation des utilisateurs Importation des contacts …

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2N App Wildix Integration

2N Doorphones

Improve your company security thanks to Wildix PBX integration with 2N doorphones PREMIUM APPLICATION Type of Integration: Wildix CertifiedType of Connection: SIP End pointWildix Product Concerned: DoorphoneFREE / EXTRA CHARGES: FREE 2N Doorphones The use of IP technology and SIP protocol offers a broad range of features, such as sending of video from the door communicators to IP phones. …

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Algo SIP and IoT Devices

Stop delay your productivity because of communication issue in your facility. Increase your productivity thanks to Wildix system combines with Algo IoT devices PREMIUM APPLICATION Type of Integration: Wildix CertifiedType of Connection: SIP End pointWildix Product Concerned: Public Announcer, SIP Paging Gateway, IntercomFREE / EXTRA CHARGES: FREE Algo SIP and IoT Devices Algo IoT devices provide solutions for voice …

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DESCRIZIONE ASA HOTEL è una soluzione integrata di software per il settore alberghiero. Viene sviluppata in Alto Adige, regione turistica di grande fama, dove più di 1.600 aziende utilizzano questo software. Dal 1989, il programma viene perfezionato ed aggiornato continuamente. CARATTERISTICHE ASA HOTEL è un pacchetto software a struttura modulare. Può essere acquistato in cinque …

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Increase the performance of your sales team by simplifying day-to-day operations PREMIUM APPLICATION Type of Integration: Wildix CertifiedType of Connection: Pop Up URLWildix Product Concerned: CRMNO EXTRA CHARGES NEEDED About Axonaut Axonaut is a simple and accessible online CRM + ERP software. On a single interface, you find your entire company. Axonaut was founded in …

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