The integration between Wildix, the first browser based Cloud PBX and SugarCRM provides an intelligence supplement to individual users, helping employees make more informed decisions and build excellent customer relationships.

SugarCRM‘s market-leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is an indispensable tool for each individual who interacts with the customer.

In this page you will discovered two ways to integrate Wildix with SugarCRM.


The Popup URL / App field accessible from the Wildix user interface allows you to open an application or a web page upon receiving or placing a call and pass parameters. To add it please follow steps in Technical Documentation here


Our Wildix Integration Expert have been developed an integration that support the following features :

  • Look up the PBX directly on the Sugar database to view the customer name on the Wildix phones displays (only if present in the database).
  • Predictive Dialer : the Wildix system for automated calls generated by an imported customer list which, when answered, will be redistributed directly to the customer’s Call Center.
  • Integration between Predictive Dialer, PBX Wildix and Sugar for the exchange of information (customer data, open tickets, tickets to be opened, leads, etc.) to automate:
    • The opening of the SugarCRM registry, ticket or customer lead pop-ups in accordance with the telephone number called.
    • Log of the status of calls (in call, busy, non-existent, etc.) made via Predictive Dialer directly on the Sugar lists for optimized management of calls.
  • ClickToCall : Integrate directly into the Sugar pages and able to recognize all the phone numbers automatically and call the selected number; all via the web with a simple click.


StarSystem IT is a dynamic company born from the collaboration of a group of professionals in the field of Information Technology and business management. StarSystem IT develops high quality software for any need. It also proposes selected third-party software to provide customers with all the support tools for production.

Partner of SugarCRM since 2007, the first Gold Partner in Italy and the only Italian company awarded as Partner of the year (in 2012), OpenSymbol is recognized for its skills, as well as for the excellence of its mission: to help companies create relationships of success with their customers. In 2016 OpenSymbol, the first Italian CRM company, achieved an excellent milestone for the second following year: it was, in fact, named SugarCRM’s Elite Partner, unique in Italy and together with only 23 other partners around the world.

OpenSymbol is made up of a team of 47 certified consultants in which each person is committed to developing the best CRM solutions tailored to the customer. With experience in the insurance, automotive, manufacturing, commercial and services sectors, OpenSymbol has implemented more than 200 successful projects.


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