TConsole is a Italian Union of Blind and Partially Sighted People’s certificated application that provides to partially sighted and blind operators functions and indicators that allow them to manage, in a more efficient and effective way, the phone calls.


Available on SIP technology, TConsole can be connected to Wildix telephone systems to provide a comfortable and functional interface on PCs through text to speech, braille display and hypo view features. 



By this module all the information managed from the attendant console are played using the text to speech features. It has designed for blind and it is necessary for those unfamiliar with the Braille alphabet. This module includes an hardware mixer that mixes the phone conversation with the PC audio signals, in order to simplify the operators work. This feature lets to enlarge the size of characters on the screen and to set the color for background and foreground. It has designed for visually impaired. The main window is split into two different forms: one for telephone events and one for the phone books. This module includes the Telenia Mixer that combine the phone conversation with the PC audio, in order to simplify the operators work.


Optional module for the visually impaired operator with large print. To facilitate reading the main form of TConsole, it is split into two separate windows (display telephone and address book), only one active at a time.


TConsole can be integrated to LILLI display Braille that gives the main information to blind operators in order to be able to manage the calls.

TConsole tells the braille display all relevant information to handle calls. Braille device displays information device using 40 cells. Each cell is a 2 × 4 dot matrix. It has a programmable keyboard to execute basic or advanced commands such as: answer, place on hold, call park, etc.



The minimum characteristics of the PC are: i3 3.0 GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 250 GB HD n ° 1, DVD, LCD monitor 17 ”, keyboard, mouse Windows 7, sound card SNOM phones mod. D715, D725 firmware


Italian, English, French, Spanish


Telenia Software is an Italian Software House founded in 1994 that develops and sells Customer Interaction Systems for medium/large, public/private companies: the TVox Contact Center Voip Communication Platform, the TConsole Attendant Console for sighted/blind telephone operator and the TSam Accounting and Monitoring TLC network.

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