Guestline intelligent property management solutions cover all aspects of running a hospitality business, from managing bookings and payments to streamlining the organisation of events. Cloud-hosted, fully secure, and accessible anytime anywhere, you can say goodbye to hefty start-up and upgrade costs, and enjoy peace of mind with Level 1 PCI compliance.

Rezlynx PMS provides hotels with the tools and insight to make their daily life easier by automating routine tasks and liberating their staff to focus on the guest.

Fully configurable, PCI compliant, and featuring a comprehensive rate and availability management tool that is updated in real time, Rezlynx mobile-friendly cloud-hosted solution is flexible enough to support any sized hotel or group.

And with visibility of all the online distribution channels, including leading OTAs and the GDS, as well as other Guestline and third party systems, hotels can manage bookings and operations and a wide range of functionality from a single location.

Rezlynx PMS in a nutshell

  • Create and manage bookings for multiple properties
  • Easily develop rate plans
  • Apply region specific accounting rules
  • Tokenise credit card data through a PCI payment provider
  • Personalise user accounts to quickly access commonly used features
  • Create branded HTML confirmation email templates
  • Manage future bookings that include mid-stay room moves

Wildix integration with Guestline Rezlynx PMS

The following features are supported thanks to the integration between Wildix communication system and Guestline Rezlynx PMS:
  • Check-in/ check-out of guests. Additionally, hotel staff can block outgoing calls from vacant rooms upon guest checkout.
  • Room statuses . It is possible to set room clean and dirty statuses directly from Wildix phones installed in the rooms and common areas, by simply dialling a dedicated Feature Code. Additional room statuses can be easily added through our dynamic scripts.
DocumentationGuestline Integration Guide

About Guestline

Guestline is all about personable technology – they give their partners both the systems and the advice they need to enhance the guest experience and make their operations more efficient.

Guestline operates in 25 countries, across 5 continents, and has over 25 years of experience. Every 6 hours a new property goes live with Guestline.


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