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Webinar Platform For Sales

Wizywebinar, The First Automated Movie Studio For Your Webinars

Let’s be honest: webinars today don’t turn any profits

Webinars are no longer a niche; they’re quickly becoming the main way to contact your audience and do business.
Now, the time has come for you to start differentiating yourself with a different approach.
You need a tool to reach people, engage them, and convert them into customers. Standard webinar platforms are not designed for increasing your sales.

Stop making your customers leave your online event before it ends!

Engage your audience with the magic of Wizywebinar, which grants measurable business results.

Other vendors are not focused on your sales targets. They are just offering standard, boring webinars platforms.
Unlike the others, Wizywebinar is the only tool created for engaging your audience. 
Start contacting registrants before and after every online event. You now have plenty of opportunities to reach out to them, even when you’re not broadcasting.
It’s possible because Wizywebinar is connected to the communications system and integrates with your current CRM.

Wizywebinar by Wildix is THE tool for your sales via webinars.

Wizywebinar by Wildix is THE tool for your sales via webinars.

Wizywebinar lets you

educate visitors engage visitors turn visitors into leads

The webinar platform that lets you educate visitors, engage them and turn them into profitable leads. Wizywebinar lets prospects join and enjoy webinars, and lets you convert them into customers.

The Ace Up Our Wizard's Sleeve

You can also enhance your selling power through the perfect integration of software and hardware into one webinar station tailored to your sales needs.

This is possible thanks to the magic combination of Wizywebinar software and Wizyconf hardware, which makes this platform the most complete tool for your conversions. This combination gives you the first platform that allows truly entertaining online events.

Get the first automated movie studio
for your webinars