It is a well-known fact, when it comes to communicating women have an extra advantage: for this reason, SPK Communication Management, created in 1997 from an idea developed by Federica Micelotta, used female skills to become the familiar voice to answer the phone calls received by many Italian institutions and companies. SPK works, in fact, to provide solutions in taped greetings for phone calls and messaging, but also for voice overs, such as for radio announcements and promotion publicity, both for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for public institutions and large corporations.   

In Rome or in Milan, do you need to speak with someone in a particular office with the City government? The taped voice of a SPK collaborator will guide you to the extension you are looking for. You are Nestlé or Ferrero clients and you need to request information on the characteristics of some of the products? By contacting the Italian customer service phone lines, you will encounter the voices of SPK. Over the years, moreover, the company has evolved, it now also provides consulting in regards to wiring and PBXs.  

With such relevance to the world of communications, SPK must be sure to have the best ICT solutions available on the market, which allow it to optimize its products, and therefore work in a much more efficient manner, and as such, making the company more attractive to possible clients as well. For this reason, in the summer of 2012, when the company decided to update their own communications system, System Enterprise Networking, Wildix Business Partner with over twenty years of experience in the telecommunications industry, recommends they choose the Wildix system. Substituting a Siemens system, which was too limited for the functions they required, SEN s.r.l. installed, in the SPK offices, a Wildix Multimedia System and new VoIP HD phones.

“We were in need of a flexible PBX, which would adapt to our demands. We chose Wildix because it makes it possible for us to leave the office and transfer the calls of 2 or 3 specific urban lines to our mobile phones, automatically and without hold times or problems for the client who is calling us,” Ms. Micelotta explains. Wildix offers, in fact, a system of mobility, called Mobility Enterprise, which goes far beyond the simple call transfer to mobile phone, providing access to advanced communications functions even in mobility. Ms. Micelotta adds then, that the professionalism of SEN s.r.l. was extremely significant. They were present during the transitional period and made the switch-over as simple as possible, something which is quite rare to find.


Federica Micelotta
CEO SPK Communication Management