Wildix Mobility Enterprise

Your mobile phone becomes an extension of your corporate PBX.

wildix mobility

Manage the calls as if you were in your office?

It is possible.

Mobile extension integrates mobile phones of employees into the corporate telephone system. Today this feature is fundamental, and it is no longer an option, it became a commodity.

Wildix Mobility service can be easily enabled and customized in several seconds and it offers the following features:

    • Mobile phone and office phone ring simultaneously.
    • Mobile phone rings several seconds after the office phone.
    • Mobile phone rings in particular time slots.
    • All devices registered to your account ring simultaneously or one after another

One number.
Any device.

      • Call management in mobility (smartphone, phone, cordless, laptop)
      • Call transfer
      • Conference
      • Voicemail
      • Shared phonebooks

A testimonial

TeAA Networks

telefonia alto adige

TeAA Networks, a partner of Wildix and one of the leaders in the telephony industry in Alto Adige region, specialized in voice and data solutions, has achieved great results with the help of Wildix Mobility Enterprise solution.

The company counts 20 technicians who work outside the office in the territory, each of them has a corporate mobile phone. Thanks to Wildix Mobility solution, the company has significantly optimized the call traffic generated by the employees.

In which way?

By limiting the voice traffic to allow the calls to company numbers only. Each call goes through the company PBX and is subject to the Dialplan rules, which allow the users to only call the numbers that exist in the corporate phonebooks and belong to customers, using Mobility service.

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