Taurus Clearer Communication Partner Story

Wildix and Taurus Clearer Communication started collaborating back in August 2018 when Wildix was fairly new to the UK communications market, and partnership with such an established and high-profile organisation as Exeter-based Taurus was a great win for the young and ambitious company. For the experienced Taurus, who had more than 30 years of success in the ICT industry, this new partnership was a big move towards the new generation of communications platforms, as Taurus selected Wildix as their first new voice vendor in 25 years. 

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Jonathan Sawyer, Managing Director at Taurus Clearer Communication, where we asked Jonathan to look back at the past 28 months. He spoke about the challenges, results and outcomes of the partnership with Wildix.

“We first met Wildix during Channel Live 2017 in Birmingham, where Wildix were exhibiting. However, the UK branch was not operational yet,” stated Jonathan. “When our technical director, Richard Whybra, was introduced to the product, he was instantly impressed by it. Given the fact that Richard has a vast knowledge of technology and he is familiar with the latest trends, he is rarely wowed by telecoms products! With Wildix, he very quickly identified it as something different for the UK market.

At that point, we were reviewing our portfolio as the traditional telephony PBXs could not offer anything exciting for our customers, and we were looking for technology that could launch us into this new era of telephony, cloud communications and new sales opportunities. 

“Even though we realised the power of Wildix, it took us a while to sign for the partnership, first because the product was brand new to the UK market, and second, we do not easily change products. It was a serious step for our business, and we had to make sure the product was right for our customers.”

“In the end, we certainly made the right decision — Wildix’s WebRTC technology really fitted our IT managed services products, and the fact that we had a software as a service product that allowed us to build our own Taurus-as-a-service package was a real breath of fresh air.”

We asked Jonathan to share his view of how entering a Wildix partnership changed his business.

“We took on Wildix in 2018, and 2019 was our best ever year, partly because of the sales of Wildix. Furthermore, we have matched that success in 2020 where the Covid-19 lockdown has really shown what a powerful, flexible and feature-rich system it is. And I’ve spoken to my peers who also have taken Wildix on board in the last 12 months, and without doubt, the single most repeated message was: Thank goodness we had a product like Wildix before we went into Covid.”

“With Wildix in mind, I would say that we certainly have more than doubled sales as opposed to what we were doing with traditional telecoms, and our margins have increased by 30-40% which is tremendous.” 

Jonathan also shared what he liked about the Wildix solution the most.

“With Wildix, the ability to speed up the delivery and deploy products from “order” to “going live” has made our lead times shrink from 3 to 4 weeks down to 3 days! The Covid-19 pandemic was a real test, and it’s been incredible for us as the product’s ease of deployment and the overall support we get from Wildix allow us to react very quickly to those customers who called us up and said: ‘Help!’.”

“The product demos are compelling because we have lots of customer benefits to talk about. The sales team love doing them, and whilst we are very careful not to feature dump, it does give us a really good edge. I would say nine times out of ten, prospects, even if they don’t buy immediately, love the product, and we are building a great pipeline of prospects for future business.”

“We have a huge confidence in Wildix’s reliability, and assures the sales teams, who love all aspects of the product, then that feeling filters down to the customer — it becomes infectious.”

During the first wave of the Covid-19 outbreak, Taurus Clearer Communication deployed a multi-site 600+ user system for a law firm: “The transition from traditional telephony to a UC platform was really easy. If we had done the same with other vendors, it would have been a monumental task for engineers, but with Wildix, our brilliant engineers working from home were able to spin up those systems remotely, and then post-installation we had our engineers again working from home just guiding the users, helping them, and it was fairly painless for all.”

“What still impresses me is the speed with which Wildix innovates. Some of the problems or questions that have been put to Wildix technical team have been resolved within weeks, days sometimes — unheard of with traditional hardware-based telephone systems. And it’s been so refreshing to have a product that’s so flexible and innovative, and that’s been a breath of fresh air.”