Den första professionella lättanvända webbkonferensen

Create virtual environments where you can collaborate in real time with touch screens. Utilize advanced smart cameras to enjoy a user experience that’s as close to real-life presence as it gets. All it takes is 30 seconds and a remote control.

When it comes to choosing a video conferencing system, it’s important to know that many people who buy one end up never using it.

The systems are too complex or have too many cables. Users don’t have the time to set up the meeting or an IT manager on call to help them.

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These difficulties limit your ROI and prevent you from enjoying the benefits of an efficient videoconferencing system.

 You need a magic wand to overcome these obstacles

Or rather, you need a remote control that makes complicated cables and interfaces disappear — letting you get what you want with just the push of a button.

  “Complex” doesn’t have to mean “difficult.”

Technology must be complex yet simple to use; otherwise, it complicates processes instead of streamlining them. And then, your investment goes to waste from a lack of use.

  You need magic — and a magician.

That’s why Wildix invented Wizyconf, the first professional and easy-to-use video conference. It’s professional because it’s based on technology that leverages the speed of WebRTC and the security of Chrome OS. It’s easy to use because it responds to your need for a simple and intuitive tool to help you in your daily life.

  Discover Wizyconf

Wizyconf is a wizard who grants you a magic wand in the form of a remote control. He can sort out the complex inner workings of a high-tech tool, because Wildix designed it from the user’s point of view. Stop worrying about how to set up and start conferences. Wildix’s wizard lets you create virtual interactive workspaces in 30 seconds.

The magic of perfect sound and smart cameras.

Wizyconf is equipped with professional, studio-quality microphones to capture the voices of speakers and 15W HD speakers that perfectly reproduce the sounds coming from the other side of the screen.

The PTZ camera is smart: it detects who is talking and moves to automatically frame the speaker. The device brings a WOW effect to user experiences thanks to the magic of AI.

Not just video conferencing: Wizyconf is a system that enables remote teamwork.

Use the 65-inch screens as a virtual whiteboard: share notes and documents with your team in real time, no matter how far away you are or what device your staff is using. The virtual whiteboard is an ideal shared space for meetings and brainstorming sessions.


  • Kör på Chrome OS + WebRTC: inga fler problem med uppdateringar eller inkompatibla drivrutiner. Den säkraste konferensstationen, ett komplett skydd mot alla typer av hacking.
  • Enkel att använda – tro det eller ej, det tar 30 sekunder att förbereda en konferens – använd fjällkontrollen för att starta konferensen och skapa ett rum.
  • Konferensen har stöd för upp till 3 skärmar med ett grundläggande stativ. Två webbkameror är inkluderade: den första är 4k Ultra-HD, statisk, med en 120-graders vidvinkel och högkvalitativ autofokus. Den andra kameran är en PTZ som erbjuder 12 X optisk zoom.
  • Två HD-mikrofoner med exceptionell ljudkvalitet, osynliga för användaren – de kan monteras i taket eller på skrivbordet.


Chrome OS PC

1 Ultra-HD 4k statisk webb-
kamera med 120-graders vidvinkel

1 HD PTZ-webb-
kamera med optisk zoom

2 mikrofoner för tak/skrivbord

1 fjärrkontroll

1 justerbart aluminium-