Microservices Changelog

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Kite, Wizyconf conference, Wildix Integration Service, Screen sharing…

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Date: 07.09.2020

[WMS-9479] – dev: fixed an issue with low volume on Mono/ DuoLED Headsets

The issue is fixed by increasing the volume level by +10 dB. To achieve this, upgrade the Headset firmware: https://confluence.www.wildix.com/x/bgKmB.


Date: 21.05.2020

[WMS-8242] – kite: improved behavior of chat sessions when Kite user connects to a Call group

  • if Kite user disconnects after ending a chat session with an agent, the session is closed after 10 minutes
  • if this user connects again, another agent joins the session


Date: 20.11.2019

[WMS-7657] – kite: fixed an issue in which files sent via Kite could not be opened after downloading


Date: 14.11.2019

[WMS-7464] – wizyhw: 1080p resolution is used by default for Wizyconf video conferences if it was not selected previously


Date: 04.11.2019

[WMS-6912] – col: added possibility to set recurring video conferences

Documentation: https://confluence.www.wildix.com/x/qgAFAQ.


Date: 30.10.2019

[WMS-7495] – wizy: fixed an issue with low resolution during WebRTC screen sharing from Collaboration to Wizyconf


Date: 22.10.2019

[WMS-7185] – wizy: PTZ camera status icon is now displayed on local video preview when camera control is activated


Date: 03.10.2019

[WMS-7272] – wizy: added Sweden Dial-in number


Date: 04.09.2019

[WMS-7033] – conf: enabled HD codecs for calls via Feature Code ”Conference” 98 to improve audio quality

  • Requirement: HD codecs must be enabled on PBX side, available starting from WMS v. 4.01.44329.36, enabled by default (ticket WMS-6961)
  • Note: If you use WMS v. 4.01.43886.15 and higher (preceding v. 4.01.44329.36), codecs should be enabled manually (ticket WMS-5944)

[WMS-7072] – ubiconf: implemented new conference room names to improve security protection

  • A conference room name now consists of 16 symbols: 8 random symbols (including letters and digits), a hyphen, 7 digits
  • Invitations containing the new format links are sent starting from WMS version 4.01.44251.31
  • Note: Rooms created before 04 September 2019 still can be accessed via the previous format link

Outlook Integration

Date: 19.08.2019

Available both in Beta and Stable. Please update Outlook Integration component v. 2.4.3.exe in Collaboration -> Settings -> Extensions.

[WMS-6581] – app: fixed an issue with calendar sync not working due to a large number of folders and contacts


Date: 19.08.2019

[WMS-6783] – ubiconf: added support for video conference in Safari 12.1.x (mobile and desktop versions)

Documentation: https://confluence.www.wildix.com/x/qgAFAQ.

WMS Network

Date: 12.08.2019

[WMS-5699] – sys: turn.www.wildix.com server is now accessed for finding a PBX public IP address for WMS Network correct functioning

Documentation: https://confluence.www.wildix.com/x/MwOIAQ, ”WMS Network” section.

Wildix Integration Service

Date: 07.08.2019

Available both in Beta and in Stable. Please update Integration service component WIService 2.10.20.pkg for Mac OS (Collaboration -> Settings -> Extensions)

[WMS-6877] – app: fixed an issue with a screen sharing notification being invisible in macOS Mojave Dark Mode


Date: 05.08.2019

[WMS-6728] – wizy: redesigned videoconference:

  • new theme (black and gold) is applied
  • local preview is moved to the right top corner and cannot be hidden
  • remote previews are not included into conference recording
  • bottom control bar with Mute/unmute and Start/stop video buttons are moved to the right after opening chat menu
  • video preview is placed by default to the left top corner if screen sharing is enabled


Date: 26.06.2019

[WMS-6750] – conf: fixed an issue with videoconference hanging after trying to invite external participants


Date: 21.06.2019

[WMS-6628] – conf: improvements for conference email invitations:

  • it is now possible to change the language of invitations when creating a conference
  • only a local number is displayed, all other numbers are moved to the separate page
  • for the US/ Canada: ”United States” language must be set to display the local numbers and apply AM / PM time format


Date: 28.05.2019

[WMS-6297] – conf: increased the range of possible videoconference room names

Important! In order to access ubiconf Videoconference on WMS 3.88, you need to upgrade your PBXs to the version 3.88.43997.19 and higher. Otherwise, PBXs which are not up to date will no longer have access to videoconference rooms starting from June 20, 2019.


Date: 15.05.2019

[WMS-6485] – ubiconf: ”Mute/ unmute” and ”Start / stop video” buttons were moved from conference control bar to the video section


Date: 03.05.2019

[WMS-6222] – conf: improved conference email invitations with valid reply-to addresses for receiving updates from participants


Date: 26.03.2019

[WMS-5902] – kite: increased the default format of video and added the possibility to resize it

The improved aspect ratio of video received from:

  • Collaboration 4.01: 16:9
  • Collaboration 3.88 and mobile devices: 4:3

How to resize video: 

  • Place mouse at the bottom of video block  -> mouse cursor should change to ”Resize ()
  • Hold and drag the video to the bottom/ top of the screen to increase/ decrease its size 


  • Impossible to resize video in Screen Sharing embedded mode (separate screen sharing and chat/video section)
  • Impossible to resize video on touch-screen devices


Date: 06.03.2019

[WMS-5604] – kite: mobile UX improvements:

  • increased the size of ”Options” menu
  • fixed an issue with the last received chat messages being not shown when keyboard was open

Wildix Integration Service

Date: 11.01.2019

Available both in Beta and in Stable. Please update Integration service component WIService 2.9.14.exe for Windows / WIService 2.9.14.pkg for Mac OS (Collaboration -> Settings -> Extensions)

[WMS-5740] – app: changelog:

  • fixed an issue with CDR-View not working when installed for the first time (macOS only)
  • updated WIservice security certificate (macOS & Windows)


Date: 25.12.2018

[WMS-5614] – ubiconf: usability and design improvements

  • added 4K video resolution
  • added the possibility to copy and share conference link while entering the conference
  • removed owner from the list of participants during conference creation
  • removed autofill


Date: 03.12.2018

[WMS-5478] – kit: added the possibility to adjust call settings
How-to: click ”Options” -> select ”Call settings” and change audio output (available only for Chrome), microphone and webcam

Updated documentation: https://confluence.www.wildix.com/x/xQY8AQ

Conference changelog

Date: 12.10.2018

[WMS-5320] – conf: improved UI message when trying to stop the current recording that has been started by another user


Date: 29.09.2018

[WMS-4782] – kit: video support in safari

Limitation: video calls on Safari do not work using Collaboration native app


Date: 26.08.2018

[WMS-5102] conf: added support for Spanish language


Date: 20.08.2018

[WMS-4997] – kite: added option to disable request for notifications
How-to: add the following option to the Kite link: notifications = no 

Conference, Kite

Date: 26.06.2018

[WMS-4773] – mcu: fixed an issue in which users whose user names contained umlauts couldn’t be invited to a conference via email

[WMS-4932] – kit: increased global timeout in Kite chat group to 120s and decreased a delay between invitation of chat group member to 5s


Date 04.06.2018

[WMS-4585] – conf: added an audio message announced to users who joined a conference room via phone number before an organizer, prompting them to wait for the conference organizer or call back later

Wildix Integration Service

Date 23.05.2018

Available both in Beta and in Stable. Please update Integration service component WIService 2.9.0.exe for Windows / WIService 2.9.4.pkg for Mac OS (Collaboration -> Settings -> Extensions)

[WMS-4076] – col: added security permission notification when connecting to Wildix Integration Services

Starting from this version, WiService requires .NET Framework v.4.0 for Microsoft Windows

[WMS-3860] – col: fixed an issue with attended transfer not working in case Direct-RTP option was enabled in Collaboration on Windows PC
[WMS-4200] – col: fixed one way audio and video issue during a call via web phone when both users enabled Direct-RTP option in Collaboration on Windows PC


Date: 23.05.2018

[WMS-4474] – conf: added French version of notification announced to users when calling Switzerland DID number

[WMS-4529] – kit: added option to prevent Kite from asking geolocation

How to: add the option “?geolocation=no” to the URL (for example: https://kite.www.wildix.com/ucua/448?geolocation=no) or uncheck the box “Ask geolocation” when generating code for Kite Widget (https://kite.www.wildix.com/pages/widget/)


Date: 24.04.2018

[WMS-3762] – kite: added support of WebRTC phone in Firefox
Limitation: If Kite user calls PBX user from Firefox and enables video inside the audio call and PBX user answers from a WP phone, the call will fail


Date: 19.04.2018

[WMS-4345] – conf: added Mexico DID number
[WMS-4347] – сonf: recording files are now automatically deleted from a conference room after 180 days


Date: 21.03.2018
[WMS-4002] – conf: added support for audio conference in Safari 11


Date: 26.02.2018

[WMS-3889] – conf: added an option to receive audio only or one video stream only, to save bandwidth


Date: 22.02.2018

[WMS-4074] – kite: it is now allowed to send files only in JPEG / PDF format
[WMS-4075] – kite: it is now possible to allow chat & screen sharing only after PBX user sends a message
How to: add the option “?waitMessageFromOperator” to the URL, example of the URL: “https://kite.www.wildix.com/ucit/324?waitMessageFromOperator”, in this case Kite user can send a message, start a call and screen sharing, only after the PBX user sends the first message
The following values are supported by the parameter:
– call
– screensharing
– chat
You can specify several values separated by comma, example: “https://kite.www.wildix.com/ucit/324?waitMessageFromOperator=chat,screensharing”


Date 13.02.2018

[WMS-4038] – conf: added preview of images received via chat when clicking on them
[WMS-4040] – conf: user can now select to see his/her own video full screen
[WMS-4052] – conf: removed US Number 1.614.347.9868


Date 30.01.2018

[WMS-3929] – conf: notification in case user starts speaking but microphone is muted is now shown repeatedly (every 10 seconds)

Conference & Kite

Date 23.01.2018

[WMS-3467] – conf: improvements for connection quality indicator
In case of no internet connection, an error message is displayed
Added a row with connection status description

[WMS-3588] – col: improved visibility of Wildix application “W” icon in Chrome OS
[WMS-3607] – sys: added US toll free DID number
[WMS-3639] – conf: video conference recording files are now saved in format compatible with MacOS and Windows PC
[WMS-3643] – conf: added possibility to mute / unmute participants connected via phone (audio only mode)
[WMS-3663] – kite: added redirects for kite.www.wildix.com and conference.www.wildix.com URLs
[WMS-3664] – kite: added privacy cookie disclaimer when opened in a separate window
[WMS-3677] – conf: added Spain / Portugal / Poland / Canada / Russia DID numbers
[WMS-3727] – conf: recorderding/streaming improvements
– Improved reactivity of conference recording buttons
– Added progress on icon while enabling / stopping recording
– Removed “Starting” notification
– Removed “Start record” dialog

– Loader is now displayed instead of Record button when starting
[WMS-3854] – conf: added notification in case user starts speaking but microphone is muted
[WMS-3871] – kite: improved screen sharing
all available space in the window is now used for screen sharing
improved notifications in case connection was lost


Date 28.11.2017

[WMS-2919] – conf: released live streaming to FB / YouTube
Video tutorial: LINK
[WMS-3119] – conf: video conference graphical and usability improvements
[WMS-3326] – conf: resolution is now shown in camera settings
[WMS-3340] – conf: chat over video / screen sharing is now shown with opacity
[WMS-3347] – conf: server side recording
– Only one active recording per conference room
– Recording cannot be launched simultaneously with live streaming from the same conference room
– Recordings made by one user are not visible to others, but it’s possible to send the download link via chat
– Video tutorial: LINK
[WMS-3356] – conf: it’s now possible to create video conference with & in topic
[WMS-3373] – conf: added connection quality for participants
Hover the cursor over the participant’s image to see the current Bitrate, Packet loss percentage, Resolution, Frame rate and other data
[WMS-3616] – kit: google analytics for Kite widget
you can now see real-time statistics of Kite (widget) events in your Google analytics panel; documentation: https://manuals.www.wildix.com/kite-events-monitoring-with-google-analytics/
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