Wildix obtains Oracle-Fidelio certification

Wildix obtained Oracle-Fidelio certification for its hotel management interface integrated with FIAS

Wildix obtains Oracle-Fidelio certification
September 2016 – Wildix obtains Oracle-Fidelio certification for its hotel management interface integrated with FIAS (Fidelio Interface Application Specification).

List of approved interfaces for ORACLE Hospitality – PDF download.
Thanks to FIAS interface and protocol, Wildix PBX receives the information about check-ins and check-outs of guests, current status of rooms, wake up calls, charging of services.

Wildix is already a Gold Partner of Oracle. To obtain the certification, Wildix solution underwent a series of tests, firstly in the lab, using the software provided by Oracle, and then, after the initial pre-certification it was installed at three different hotels. This allowed Wildix to obtain the certification.

Oracle-Fidelio certification and new opportunities for Wildix Partners

Thanks to Fidelio interface, hotel management software integrates with the Wildix communication system.
Given the fact that Oracle-Fidelio software for hotel management is used by more than 28 000 hotels and resorts, Oracle certification opens a number of new business opportunities for Wildix partners.
In addition, Wildix PBX which can manage up to 10.000 users is currently the only PBX fully available in the Cloud for hotels integrated with Fidelio.


MICROS Systems (now owned by Oracle Corporation) offers a range of software, hardware and services for hotel, restaurants, hospitality and other related markets. MICROS-Fidelio offers software products for hotels and interfaces allowing the communication between other software and 3rd party vendor systems.


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