Wildix Launches 1st Fully WebRTC UC&C Solution in US

Real-time communication with web browser-to-browser video conferencing

Wildix Launches 1st Fully WebRTC UC&C Solution in US

New technology enables real-time communication with web browser-to-browser video conferencing without requiring users to download an app. Companies can now easily use their website to instantly videochat with customers online.


Columbus, OH, January 24, 2017 – Wildix announces that it has launched the first fully web real-time communication (WebRTC) video voice phone in the United States. The Wildix solution realizes the promise of WebRTC, a revolutionary browser-to-browser communications technology that allows people to have video calls within their browsers. This makes for video conferencing with no need to download an app.


People are accustomed to being able to readily connect with one another while on the go using smartphones, tablets and laptops. Right now, they need to use a range of potentially incompatible native apps on these devices to communicate via text, email, voice and video chat.


Communication is not always smooth between devices because of software incompatibility issues. One service may work on Android phones but not on Apple devices, or vice versa. And when people are using the same system, they still have to download clients, wait for them to install, and frequently experience connect issues. This is why Wildix has adopted an approach based on web communication to allow video conferencing with only a browser.
wildix-convention-2017-robert3-1“Organizations in search of a more convenient way to communicate with potential customers now have a better option.,” says Robert Cooper, General Manager at Wildix US. “The Wildix solution, the first of its kind, harnesses WebRTC because it is built using the same language as the backbone of the web, HTML5.”


Consider a customer that is trying to decide between two companies for products or services and is on the fence because they are similar. The websites for each company are open in separate browser tabs. If company A makes it easier to connect with customers than company B by enabling a video call with a single click in a web browser, it makes sense that more people would go with A over B.


Here’s why TEMPUR-PEDIC ® chose Wildix:

  • Wildix allowed the integration of the company phone system with the e-commerce, thanks to WebRTC Kite.
  • “We no longer miss any request. Out clients love the Live Chat service because it’s easier for them to ask for the information” – Antonio Carlà, website/ecommerce manager
  • With the help of Wildix, TEMPUR has increased their ecommerce sales share by double digits each year.

WebRTC is an open-source project that collaborators develop and freely share with one another. There is no charge to use WebRTC because no patent royalties are required to work with its underlying intellectual property. It is supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera. Components of WebRTC such as the VoiceEngine and VideoEngine came from Google’s acquisition of Global IP Solutions (GIS).


HTML5 is the most current version of Hypertext Markup Language. It’s the code used to describe web pages so they render in your browser.


As a cross-platform standard that is free to use, HTML5 is supported by all major browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. The video component of HTML5 means that people do not need to use Flash to present video anymore. Running Flash can take up an inordinate amount of computer resources and is prone to malware infections, making it less desirable among web users.


Major components of WebRTC include:

  • Opus, an audio codec supporting constant and variable bitrate encoding, ranging from 6 kbit/s to 510 kbit/s. Sampling rates range from 8 kHz to 48 kHz, making it able to reproduce the whole range of human hearing.
  • ISA is a wideband and super-wideband codec for voice developed by GIS with applications for Voice over IP (VoIP) as well as streaming audio.
  • ILBC is a narrowband codec for voice also developed by GIS for use with lower fidelity VoIP and streaming audio applications.


Wildix’s solution is the first to fully leverage WebRTC as a conferencing system and will transform the way that people communicate online, with organizations being able to offer better customer service to anyone using just a web browser.


Tempur Italia

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