Wildix Convention 2016 – The Event

The biggest event of the year dedicated to Wildix Partner, took place on Friday, January 15, in Bologna, at Savoia Regency Hotel.

Wildix Convention 2016 – The Event
Wildix WP600ACG

Wildix Convention 2016 – the biggest event of the year dedicated to Wildix Partner, took place on Friday, January 15, in Bologna, at Savoia Regency Hotel.
Bologna, 15 January 2016 – The most important news for 2016 turned out to be the launch of the new WP600ACG – the advanced version of WP600A presented one year ago. The new Android phone is Gigabit, is provided with 2MP webcam and supports WebRTC videoconference.

Wildix WP600ACG

Both phones are supplied with 7” Touchscreen display and allow access to shared phonebooks, online history of events, monitoring of colleagues and features via all-in-one Collaboration interface for Android.
Wildix proves its dedication to Partnership and commitment to quality by introducing a 5-year warranty on all its products and a money-back guarantee for end users.

 Wildix warranty 5 years

With this warranty we wanted our product to stand out from other Unified Communications brands that often present immature solutions as perfectly working ones”says Stefano Osler, CEO of Wildix,“we make everything to ensure the complete satisfaction of all the Partners who have trusted in us
As expected, the company has presented its technical, marketing and commercial news for the upcoming year and shared its results of 2015.
Wildix has analysed its activity in different countries: in the course of the year Wildix GmbH has significantly grown and reached the initial goal of 40 partners; Wildix Sarl counted 100 Partners last November.
In 2015 the company has expanded to the Netherlands. Thanks to the new Country Manager, Wildix has already found the first Partners and opened a branch office there.
In the meanwhile the company’s main focus remains on Wildix PartnersSystem Integrators and Installers of Telephone Systems. As a result many of them, in spite of the crisis, have managed to increase their sales in 2015.
Wildix Italian Convention 2016 appeared to be an excellent occasion for all the Wildix Partners and guests to learn and to share the latest technical news of the sector and not only. Wildix has dedicated a special area to exhibitors – the companies which have already made the integration of their solutions and products with the Wildix Communication System (hardware, software and applications), among them such names as Sennheiser, Plantronics and 2N.
However Wildix Convention 2016 is not over yet – Wildix French Convention takes place on January 21 near Paris at Paxton Resort and Spa **** Hotel.
As regards Germany, later this year Wildix plans to gather its German Partners for the first time.


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