Germany: Funkschau Magazine Talks about Wildix Cloud

Germany: Funkschau Magazine Talks about Wildix Cloud

Funkschau, a leading professional telecommunication magazine in Germany, has dedicated two pages of its edition 15-16/2015 to the Wildix Cloud solution (Pages 16-17).

The article describes Wildix Cloud as an all-in-one solution that optimizes the business communication and easily adjusts to new working environments, e.g. Home Office, since Wildix solution fully implements the BYOD concept (Bring Your Own Device), allowing the employees to use their personally owned devices for job tasks.


The article talks about the advantages of the Wildix Cloud Unified Communications solution, among which reliablity, failover system, speed, flexibility.

Dimitri Osler, the Wildix CTO, discusses the risks of a cloud solution, such as eventual connection problems, sensitive data protection, and tells how Wildix has managed to significally reduce those risks.
For example, WMS Network ensures the communication services continuity, even in case of slow or unreliable Internet connection.




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