From 2005 to 2007

A great start

Wildix strengthens its market position as a distributor and in this way, it finances its own R&D center.
The headquarters of Wildix srl is located on the first floor of a condominium in the center of Trento and occupies just 100 sq m.
2007 is a pre-crisis year for many companies of the industry, but Wildix is not discouraged and moves to the offices in South Trento, where the company’s headquarters is located up to the present day.
On the left – the old Wildix offices; on the right – the present offices in South Trento.


Interesting Facts

From 2005 distribution activity has a big success. Wildix uses the elevators of the condominium where its offices are located in Trento, to transport the phones, causing complaints of inhabitants.

In just four years (2005-2008) the company increases the revenue from 0 to 4 million.

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