FCP Technologies

Being 100% Channel focused in its business model, there is no big surprise that Wildix met one of its most valuable Partners in the UK, FCP Technologies, during the Channel Live 2017, the UK’s only ICT trade specific conference and exhibition.

Founded in 2005, FCP Technologies specialises in true cloud voice based solutions. With established infrastructure, FCP provides market leading, enterprise level cloud solutions capable of delivering calls and voice services to destinations across the globe. FCP Technologies offers sophisticated Cloud IVR Solutions, Cloud Contact Centre and Voice Services in a number of specialist areas.

In the conversation with Mr Sam Hodgetts (Director, Co-Founder and Investor at FCP Technologies), we found out the main reasons for FCP to enter Wildix Partnership: “The combination of the feature-set and flexibility really convinced us to partner with Wildix!

We have a lot more control over the virtual PBX, compared to some other cloud vendors like Broadsoft, etc… as often those platforms are a single shared solution and you are reselling a turnkey product with less control over the configuration.

However with Wildix, each customer has their own instance, so as a Reseller, you have much more control over the PBX and the type of services you can offer, for example; connecting multiple SIP providers if you have users located in different countries and wanting to terminate and originate locally on the same PBX”

FCP Technologies sells Wildix as an add-on to their contact centre solutions, this allows their Customers take advantage of Wildix’s UC functionality in their back offices- “In the past we traditionally sold more basic Cloud based PBXs, but now our Customers can get advantages of the UC for their back office functions and I think it is one of the most important changes that has added value to our portfolio”.

Commenting on the difference between Wildix and other brands, Mr Hodgetts said: “We see as Wildix being agile and lean, therefore more tuned into the market’s trends and needs, being more responsive in developing solutions as a Vendor. With regular new releases of features we see as market leading or changing.

Plus there is obviously no Channel conflict with Wildix as they do not sell directly to the End- Users. Another great thing for me- Wildix does not create the conflict among the Channel Resellers.  With the larger vendors many resellers are approaching the same prospects with the same underlying solution, this can be obvious to the customer, thereby making the choice more difficult for the customer and reducing the odds of a successful sale to the reseller. But currently Wildix presents a new and unique solution for the Customer, it stands out. Also Wildix is more selective when it comes to Partnership and works with resellers who want to differentiate and frankly speaking, it is one of the key reasons for FCP working with Wildix”.

Among the things Mr Hodgetts likes the best in Wildix he mentioned: “It’s ultimately the flexibility of the model, that’s the key. Wildix offers flexibility with pricing, licensing and deployment and this kind of overall flexibility is quite unique.

As for me, the flexibility of deployment tops that all, as with Wildix you can deploy on the Cloud, you can deploy on AWS, you can deploy on site and, I don’t think, there are many Vendors that can do the same, as  easily as Wildix can.