WMS 5 – June 2020

Meet WMS 5 – the first major Wildix release focused on sales and customer retention.

Wildix leverages the cutting-edge technology of WebRTC and React Native to design the FIRST solution for business communication, which

is secure by design

increases your sales

enables you to work as a team

WebRTC Kite

WMS 5 introduces a number of new features in WebRTC Kite (coming soon), that boost your sales and increase your customer satisfaction, among them:

  • Incoming and outgoing SMS via CLASSOUND
  • Chat bot functionality
  • Better chat distribution system in call groups, shared Voicemails and missed calls
  • Possibility to add more people to Kite chat
  • Possibility to start a Wizyconf video conference from Kite chat
  • New design and improved UX

React Native Mobile Apps

Brand new Mobile Apps for iOS and Android written on React Native (available on App Store and Google Play Store later this year):

  • New design and improved UX
  • Unified user experience over multiple platforms
  • Native WebRTC: increased responsiveness, better performance, peer-to-peer communication

React-based Wizyconf

New amazing features you’ve been asking for, are coming soon in Wizyconf web conference:

  • Raise your hand
  • Mute/ unmute all the participants
  • Start muted
  • Send a private message
  • Tiles view up to 9 videos
  • Usage stats
  • PIN protection
  • YouTube video sharing with audio being synced for all the participants
  • Whiteboard

Collaboration: new UX/UI

WMS 5 introduces new design and improved user experience:

  • New design of top menu
  • New design and improved usability of the login page
  • other improvements coming soon…


New client-to-server and server-to-server APIs:

  • Easier to integrate with third-party apps, thanks to simple authorization and single sign-on
  • Possibility to have two separate sessions at the same time using two different accounts

Documentation is currently available on the PBX for the admin user (under /api/v1/doc/) and soon to be published on the Wildix website.

WMS network

Wildix proves to be an excellent fit as an enterprise solution also for the installations over 1000 users:

  • Up to 1000 nodes in WMS network (compared to 256 with WMS4)
  • Up to 5000 users on one PBX (compared to 1000 with WMS4)
  • Up to 500 concurrent calls
  • Up to 100k users in WMS network
  • Bandwidth consumption in WMS network decreased by 50%


Block of old generation devices that do not correspond to the security requirements and do not support modern security protocols:

  • WMS 5: optional block of devices that do not correspond to security standards (coming soon…)
  • WMS 6 (coming next year): devices that do not correspond to security standards are blocked by default


Read the changelog: WMS5 Stable Release