SIP enabled endpoints for paging, emergency notification, two-way communication and access control register at company security service.


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  • Type of Integration: Wildix Certified
  • Type of Connection: WI Service
  • Wildix Product Concerned: SIP Endpoint


About CyberData SIP endpoints

SIP-enabled Endpoints for Unified Communications: CyberData’s SIP enabled endpoints for paging, emergency notification, two-way communication and access control register directly with the Wildix platform.

Any organization with the need to communicate general and critical information to staff, students, patients or customers can use Wildix and CyberData’s SIP endpoints to deliver notifications across the network.

About CyberData Corp

CyberData Corp, established in 1974 and based in Monterey, CA, is a leader in designing, developing and manufacturing innovative SIP Endpoints for market sectors such as SMB, healthcare, manufacturing, education, public/private sector, and retail.

We sell through our distribution channel and partner with our Certified Resellers and Installers to offer cost-effective SIP-enabled paging, notification, and access control solutions to end user clients. Our products are known for quality, reliability, ease-of-use and durability.

Delivering great customer service and support is the key to our continued success. We offer live Technical Support Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm PST, and Design Services, a free consultation service focused on understanding client needs and delivering a solution that works for that client.


  • Latest version of WMS and WI Service plug-in
  • Latest version of CyberData firmware
  • Latest version of Chrome extension

Wildix Licence

Wildix UC-Basic
or Wildix UC-Essential (access control from Collaboration)

Level of Expertise

Expert +


Supported Features through CyberData Corp and Wildix integration

Control Access


Pick up calls with headset button

Mute from the headset *

Call on hold from the headset

USB and dongle connections supported *

* Check the compatibility matrix to verify which OROSOUND devices support this feature.

Supported product compatible with the Wildix system

List of all CyberData products that are compatible with the Wildix system

  • 011146 SIP Paging Server
  • 011233 SIP Paging Adapter
  • 011186 SIP Outdoor Intercom
  • 011214 SIP Outdoor Intercom with Keypad
  • 011211 SIP Indoor Intercom
  • 011209 SIP Emergency Intercom
  • 011049 SIP Call Button
  • 011491 SIP Outdoor Call Button
  • 011376 SIP RGB (Multi-Color) Strobe
  • 011479 SIP Outdoor RGB (Multi-Color) Strobe
  • 011394 SIP Speaker
  • 011398 SIP Talk-back Speaker
  • 011520 SIP 2 x 2 Ceiling Tile Drop-in Speaker
  • 011216 SIP Office Ringer
  • 011457 SIP IP66 Indoor/Outdoor Horn
  • 011404 SIP Loudspeaker Amplifier (AC-Powered)
  • 011405 SIP Loudspeaker Amplifier (PoE)
  • 011324 SIP Paging Amplifier

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