is the company with over 25 years of experience in judicial sales, active in the provinces of Treviso and Belluno. In the recent years its business has significantly grown and the company has decided to move to Silea, the productive heart of the March of Treviso, into the new building, which covers the area of 2,500 square meters comprising the offices and a warehouse. Consequently there appeared the need to design all the facilities and installations, including the telecommunications system, to bring it in line with the needs of the new office. According to Doctor Zaghetto, the Head of the Real Estate department, computerization would shortly play an important role in the life of the society, and especially in the industry of judicial sales, and would like to be at the forefront of these changes. Thus from the very first moment when Dr. Zaghetto started to coordinate the project of movement to the new office, he has decided to implement the “top class” communication solution.

Eurogroup, the company from Treviso and a Business Partner of Wildix, that has over 50 years of experience in installations of communication equipment, headed by Alessandro Pretto, has realized the installation of the new communication system that was supposed to manage 30 users in two offices, ensure the reachability of collaborators who are often out of office, handle a large call traffic volume and optimize sending and reception of faxes.

Wildix Multimedia System of 40 extensions and VoIP phones connected to the PBX have been installed in the headquarters of in Silea. In addition, W-AIR system, the cordless solution of Wildix, based on the new CAT-iq technology that has an extensive signal coverage and offers a number of advanced features, has been implemented.

Communication is not just the call traffic. “The possibility to send and receive faxes in a digital format, via email, is a great benefit for us”, says Dr. Zaghetto. “Also the tools that seemed trivial and unnecessary at the beginning, such as chat and virtual Post-It messages, have proven their worth.”

Each employer of has an account on Wildix Collaboration interface, the web-based tool of Wildix that brings the Unified Communications services into the company. The web interface is accessible via any modern browser and allows the users to monitor the presence status of the colleagues and to start any type of communication: chat, call, virtual Post-It and “Call me back” messages.

According to Dr. Zaghetto, “the new solution has allowed to minimize the movements of the employees from one office to another and to significantly reduce the time spent on daily operations”. Wildix Mobility service ensures the reachability of the colleagues who are often on the move, since now they can make and receive the calls to their mobile phones in the same way as to their office phones.

Wildix CDR-View, a tool of control of analysis, has proven to be very helpful to the management of, and in particular to the company owner. The information about the quantity, duration, types and costs of all the incoming and outgoing calls can be viewed in graphs or tables by all authorized users. CDR-View allows the company management to analyze any particular event and the call activity of the employees in general and helps to decide on the future business strategy. plans to install another Wildix Multimedia Communication System in the office in Belluno and to connect all the branches via the WMS Network, a real private cloud for communication. Thanks to WMS Network, colleagues located in different offices have access to the corporate phonebooks and can communicate with their colleagues via the Collaboration tools provided by Wildix.
Unified Communications cancel the distances, optimize the time and boost the productivity. Wildix Communication-Enabled Business Processes solution transforms the daily work of the employees, facilitate decision making and streamline the cooperation between the colleagues.