Wildix comes to life

Two brothers, Stefano and Dimitri Osler are thinking of the first project of Wildix, a company that could offer innovative, simple and flexible ways to communicate.

Dimitri is a technical director of Intellicode, while working at this company that delivers software, the two brothers have developed the first software for call centers, integrated into traditional telephony systems.
In consequence, the collaboration with Asterisk starts, from there appears an idea of a telephony system that could meet the needs of the telephony system integrators.

Interesting Facts
The two brothers decide to found a Research and Development center in Odessa.
Three developers are chosen to start a probing period for a test project that was expected to be finished in one month. It takes them just one week to complete it.

Here is the where the name Wildix is derived from: the name “Wild” + “ix”. “Wild” is intended as something that continues to develop without knowing any limits, as a Wild Card (Joker); while “ix” stands for “exchange” and refers to the abbreviation “IP PBX” (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange).
The project is planned as a software platform only, using third-party hardware terminals.
The idea was, to get absolutely standard SIP devices from different manufacturers, in a period of five years.

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