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WebRTC videoconference at your desk

Finally there is a turnkey videoconferencing system right at your desk. No need to go to the conference room, no need to install any additional hardware or software components.

Wildix ubiconf – The WebRTC Video Conference solution

ubiconf is the Wildix videoconference solution based on pure WebRTC and available in the browser both for internal and external users.


Wildix Video Conference First Time access

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What you can do
  • No hardware / software installation
  • Access videoconference room via the web browser using your PC with webcam and microphone
  • Add colleagues any time by selecting them from the list of users
  • Invite external users via email
  • External users can access via the browser or by calling a phone number, without the need to install any component
  • Share your desk, documents and applications
  • Schedule the conference (synced with Google calendars) and receive a reminder via email
  • Take your time to get ready, the conference room remains open as long as you need it
  • Invite as many participants as you want: the only limit is your bandwidth
  • Record videoconference, including audio, video and desktop sharing
  • Share a link with other participants to work together on a document or inside an application
  • Connect ubiconf-Voice speakerphone to ensure the user experience in large conference rooms
  • Reporting and analysis of videoconferencing sessions

ubiconf-Voice – Wildix plug&play speakerphone

for better user experience in large conference rooms


ubiconf-Voice speakerphone is specially designed for Wildix WebRTC videoconference and ensures efficient collaboration in large conference rooms.


  • Plug&Play
  • Connect to PC via USB
  • Connect to mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • Talk time: 4 hours
  • Three built-in microphones with 360-degree coverage
  • Reception distance: up to 4 meters
  • Application: ubiconf videoconference, Mobile Apps for iOS / Android, WP600AXX, W-AIR150

Technical characteristics
  • 2 wired mics
  • Cable length: 2m (6ft)
  • Mute button on each mic
  • Remarkable voice quality
  • Microphone type: Desktop

Why WebRTC?

WebRTC technology allows secure realtime transmission of audio and video from browser to browser.

According to Gartner, by 2019 15% of companies will use WebRTC for audio and video communications and by 2020 30% of business meeting will take place online, thanks to WebRTC technology.

Ref. Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing, 10 November 2016 © Gartner inc.

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