Unified Communications lubricating the business processes

Wildix & Q8

Collaboration is sometimes compared to a well-oiled machine: the various pieces fit together properly and everything works better. For example, CLT telefonia and Wildix had been cooperating in a perfect synergy for the installation at Conqord Oil, one of the leading players in the Italian oil market.

Each relationship has its story and its protagonists. Conqord Oil, an Italian company, the part of the KPIL group (Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants), is the main character in our story. Also known as Q8, it is a prestigious brand for petroleum products and lubricants, intended both for gas stations and industrial machinery. Conqord Oil has the headquarters in Milan, the blanding and packaging plant near Turin, and 4 offices across Italy. The company has about 140 employees and follows the KPIL group policy, which is the same for each country it operates in.
In early summer of 2013 Conqord Oil decides to replace the old communication system. For a large company with multiple locations and connections worldwide, communication is essential. The old VT Telematics PBX, installed almost 20 years ago, in addition to high costs, gave big maintenance problems and created difficulties in obtaining replacement parts.

At this stage CLT telefonia enters the story, the company with over 25 years of experience in the ICT industry. Founded in 1987 by Cecchet family, the company was able to expand throughout the country and to become one of the best Business Partners of Wildix, thanks to its continuous striving for innovation and flexibility.

CLT has installed two Wildix communication systems WGW90 in the large offices of Conqord Oil and 4 WGW08 in the smaller ones. Thanks to the WMS Network, the employees from different offices can use the Unified Communications tools as CTIconnect PRO and CDR View, which allows the colleagues to collaborate in one single communication environment, regardless of their geographic location. Unified Communications ensure the smooth meshing of all the enterprise’s gears allowing them to work at the maximum efficiency.

Roberto Raggi, IT Manager Conqord Oil

The advantage that really made a difference to Conqord Oil was the possibility to integrate the Wildix system with the Active Directory™ of Windows. It is necessary for the company to be connected to the other companies of the group. “Hence the need to manage the network of collaborators on Active Directory, where each user is encoded with his or her role, location, contact details, chain of command”, explains Roberto Raggi, the IT manager of Conqord Oil.
The information is stored and managed on the Active Directory on a central level, and is consequently available to all the users of the system. Thanks to the integration it applies also to the Wildix System and CTIconnect PRO, the Wildix collaboration tool.

Seamless communication between the colleagues leads to efficient collaboration, generates new ideas and boosts the company productivity. As a result, the whole organization works as a well-oiled machine.

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