Entrance door intercom SILTEL Kiro -



Connecting and configuring the entrance door intercoms SILTEL Kiro



You can connect the intercoms Siltel Kiro to the Wildix PBX via WMS.


Technical requirements:

  • W04FXS gateway or higher
  • at least one user registered and set up in FAX mode
  • an intercom programmed according to the specifications listed below:


Intercom programming

code 1012 –  the first button calls number 2
code 1023 – the second button calls number 3
code 8## – the basic programming of the intercom 
code 9 – saves the changes and exits the programming mode 

WMS programming

The user registered on the FXS port connected to the intercom should be set up in FAX mode (in Users Menu of the WMS)




The intercom is programmed to call the numbers 2 and 3. It’s necessary to create the dialplan procedure (users_intercom in this case) that manages such numbers.

You can create a Call Group to receive the call.


  • by pressing the first button on the intercom you dial number 2 and call the interior number 310
  • by pressing the second button on the intercom you dial number 3 and call the interior number 310
  • after the the phone is answered, the sequence 155 and 266 enable two relays


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